[MP3] Final DJs’ ‘Feel Your Breath’



Another new single from Final DJs?!?!? They just don’t quit do they? Whenever Germany’s finest release a new tune it;s always a guessing game as to whether it’ll be SynthWave Final DJs or Nu-Disco Final DJs, whether it’ll be sweeping cinematic synths or groovy Tropical riffs. This new tune, Feel Your Breath, featured on the We Re-Created Disco, is a little of both, but leaning toward mirrorballed dancefloors.

Before we talk about the rest of the song, we just have to mention the insane, emotional, spine-tingling breakdown in this tune. A shuffling, rich, build with gentle vocal tones that is prefect for winding up excitement on the floor. Feel Your Breath itself is pure Final DJs’ epicness. A bouncy bassline is set off with soaring synth solos that take you on a journey throughout the track. One of this duos finest to date, Feel Your Breath is every bit for your mind and your ears as it is for your feet. The complete package.

Final DJs – Feel Your Breath

Final DJs’ Feel Your Breath is out now.

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