[MP3] Final DJs’ new single


Final DJs

Here’s the new single from Germany’s Final DJs. Having had their recent single, Moonshine, dropped to critical acclaim the duo have decided to unleash this one on the world for free. Flash In The Night rocks big Italo vibes whist it’s B-side, Los Angeles takes a trip on a smoother, more soulful, sound.

Flash In The Night is pure robo-Disco. Centred around a machine code vocoded vocal, the track mixes up Kraftwerk flavours with big nostalgic synth sounds and an 80s European dancefloor vibe. Around the mid-point, the track really up’s it’s epicness game with extra levels of harmonic vocoding and and a push in energy. The flip-side, Los Angeles, brings the laid back atmosphere, with lazy slap bass and a wind swept sax solo. Melding French Touch and LA Beach Funk, Los Angeles rock a mode set for late night disco or hazy days by the pool. Go grab this package for free here.

Final DJs – Flash In The Night

Final DJs – Los Angeles

Final DJs’ Flash In The Night is out now. Pick it up here.

Buy Final DJs’ music from:

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