[Audio] Rocco Raimundo reMixes Stee Downes’ ‘Caught Up’


Stee Downes

Caught Up is the forthcoming new single from Nu-Disco vocal staple Stee Downes. Dropping in the middle of next month, the single, a funky slice of live Soul, comes with a loaded reMix package; the most interesting of which is this groove monster from the man Rocco Raimundo. Unfortunately the track is only available on the digital release, not having been included in the vinyl copy, which is a shame as we would have bought the 12” in a heartbeat if this was on there.

Raimundo serves up a mesmerising concoction of Disco, Italo and Tropical influences all riding on a rock solid House beat. A chest shaking subby bassline provides star contrast to an array of shimmering lead synths and a warming Tropical percussive hook. All working together, weaving in and out of each other, to produce a lush whole, these elements create the prefect backing for Downes neo-Soul vocal. With a laid back mood, but driving groove, this reMix is a crate essential.

♫ Stee Downes – Caught Up (Rocco Raimundo Version)

Stee Downes’ Caught Up is released 15th September.

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[Audio] Final DJs’ ‘One Day In The Sun’


Released at the end of the month is the new single from Germany’s finest, Final DJs. This time round we are treated to a vocal track from these guys, enlisting the smooth tones of Stee Downes. The mere idea of Final DJs doing a vocal track is enough to get us excited, and the track doesn’t disappoint.

The single is titled One Day In The Sun, and it does exactly what it says on the tin. Final DJs have conjured up a laid back, summery, slice of synth love. Drawing on all their talents in Dreamwave, Nu-Disco and House, the guys have delivered a track that covers all those bases. The floaty synth pads of Dreamwave, the funky licks of Nu-Disco and a storming House undercurrent all work together prefect with Stee’s good-time vocals being the icing on the cake. It’s all about the endless summer.

♫ Final DJs (Feat. Stee Downes) – One Day In The Sun (Extended Mix)

Final DJs’ One Day In The Sun is released 28th January.

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