[Audio] Black Magic Disco’s ‘First Avenue’ reMixes



It’s been quite a while since the release of Black Magic Disco’s Downtown single, over a year in fact. The release came equipped with a storming B-side track, First Avenue, that this week gains single status of it’s own with the unleashing of BMD’s First Avenue reMixes on Pole Position Recordings. Pulling together talent such as Final DJs, Viper Strike, Phunktastike and Tom Eales, alongside BMD himself, this release covers a nice chunk of dancefloor ground.

The obvious track of most interest in the collection comes from Pole Position’s own Viper Strike who have teamed up with Mr. Patrick Baker to create a slick vocal version of the track. All sweeping synths and lazy piano hooks, Viper Strike’s mix a pure poolside bliss. A proper late summer nights groove with a smooth voice, these guys nicely weave together Disco and House. Germany’s Final DJs, the most prolific guys in Nu-Disco it seems, get into a bit of an SynthWave/Boogie crossover groove with their reMix. Mixing up Bronx beats with Acidic squeals and Sci-Fi synths, this duo roll their own genre and give it a Disco twist. Black Magic Disco’s own reimagining of First Avenue replaces the originals midnight funk with some full-on Chicago House sounds. Revelling in it’s early 90s heritage, BMD’s mix is a total white gloves moment. Also holding reMixes from Phunktastike and Tom Eales, this reMix package is definitely worth checking out.

♫ Black Magic Disco – First Avenue (Viper Strike (Feat. Patrick Baker) reMix)

♫ Black Magic Disco – First Avenue (Final DJs reMix)

♫ Black Magic Disco – First Avenue (Black Magic Disco reMix)

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