[Audio] Fake Blood’s ‘Get Myself Together’


Fake Blood

Get Myself Together is taken from the forthcoming new EP from London noisenik Fake Blood. The Waiting EP is out next month hold three tracks including this monster. It’s the first we’ve heard from Theo Keating in a while, but the EP proves he’s lost none of his eclectic dancefloor flair.

Get Myself Together hits the ground running with stomping House beats and building drones before catapulting itself into a funky cacophony of string stabs and brooding basslines, all kept soulful with a big vocal sample. The Garage-y flavour to the beats gives the track a floorfilling swing, giving the track a nice complexity underneath the mantra synths.

♫ Fake Blood – Get Myself Together

Fake Blood’s Waiting EP is released 10th March.

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[Download] Digitalism’s ‘Fahrenheit 32’



Fahrenheit 32 is the new tune from acclaimed German duo Digitalism, and according to them the start of a new era. “‘Fahrenheit 32’ marks a new direction for us both musically and creatively. It’s not just a milestone on a long journey of ours, but also a peace offering for what’s about to come.” they say, which kinda’ mean ‘we’re making House now’, and if this new tune is anything to go by it’s gonna’ be an awesome time for new music from Digitalism.

Just check out that bassline! Infectious as hell. Fahrenheit 32 is a pretty progressive tune that is well suited to the big room, despite lacking the big lead builds. It’s be more accurate to call it an ‘intelligent big room tune’. Fun and carefree, but with a serious concentration on sound design, the tune will win you over with it’s catchy hooks and kinetic House beats. More like this please guys!

Digitalism – Fahrenheit 32

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[Video] Starcadian’s ‘Chinatown’


Starcadian   Chinatown  Official Music Video    YouTube

Here’s the long awaited video for New york all-round amazing producer Starcadian’s Chinatown. The track comes from Sunset Blood, one of our favourite albums of the year.

The clip was directed by Starcadian & Rob O’Neill and features more from the imaginary noir Sci-Fi movie that Sunset Blood is the soundtrack to.

Starcadian’s Sunset Blood is out now.

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[Audio] DiscoSocks reMixes Reset!’s ‘I Need You’



Reset!’s I Need You was one of the big songs of the summer, big grinding Electro-House with a Disco soul. It occasionally veered a little too far of the Turbofunk path into American ‘EDM’ territory, but on the whole was a slamming tune. So, a few months later here’s London bass jockey DiscoSocks to smooth over the tracks rough edges and reel it back into a dancefloor fun arena. It’s part of the official reMix package that was released this weekend. Get on-board.

DiscoSocks morphs the aggressive growl of the original into a Chromeo-esque slice of slick Disco. Leaning heavily, of course, of the Sock’s awesome bass playing, the track revels in the irresistible bassline running throughout. Layering that with slick Disco licks and heavyweight vintage synths DiscoSocks makes everything, from the hook to the vocals, just that little bit groovier. We just can’t imagine a situation that would prevent you for moving to this one, not even if your dead. If you can’t dance to this one then it may be time to reassess what you’re doing with your life. DiscoSocks really is rising to the top of the London Disco scene.

♫ Reset! – I Need You (DiscoSocks reMix)

Reset!’s I Need You is out now.

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[Audio] Goose’s ‘Falling’



We’ve alluded to it before, but we now think it’s about time that someone sat down with the current crop of post-Electro Techno producers and explained to them, that they are just making EBM. The only difference between a lot of modern EBM and Eleccy Teccy producers is the publications they get written about in and the venues they are booked to play. Case in point, Belgian Electroheads Goose, who, admittedly, have always had Electro-Rock leanings and always been more than a little EBM anyway, but who now are primed to jump on board with the likes of Gesaffelstein in gruff arpeggio world-domination.

Check out their latest single, released next week. Falling’s open-hi-hat-on–beat 4/4 rhythm is pure Industrial stomp and it’s juggernaut arpeggiated hook is dancefloor twisted 242 magic. The track was mixed by French legend Alex Gopher and sets it’s self apart from the crowd not in it’s beats or basslines, but in it’s mastery of energy. The gradually rising, simplistic, vocals become a mantra guiding you through the highs and depths of the track. It’s a deceptively minimal tune that is always in complete control. More sophisticated than 99.9% of modern EBM? Yes definitely, but sonically right in the same boat.

♫ Goose – Falling

Goose’s Falling is released 12th November.

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[Audio] Grum reMixes Martin Garrix’s ‘Animals’


Martin Garrix

OK kids, pencils down and pay attention, there’s a new reMix from Mr. Grum on the scene. This time around Grum’s subject matter is young Dutch producer Martin Garrix, who in suitably Dutch producer fashion is a purveyor of all things big room, Prog Housey, Trancey, and cheese filled. Taking Garrix’s ‘hit’, Animals, Grum proceeds to make things a bit slicker, a bit more sophisticated, without loosing any of the dancefloor euphoria.

Grum loads up on big swirling synths for this one. By this time Grum has amassed enough experience with a wide variety of dancefloor styles that he can effortlessly meld them into one monster whole. Crisp lead lines, burbling basses, and the perfect build, all lead into a 303 tweaking finale that sees Grum in new Acid-Techno territories. A massive floor destroyer that we fully expect is going to get caned over the coming months.

♫ Martin Garrix – Animals (Grum reMix)

Martin Garrix’s Animals is out now.

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[Audio] Airwolf’s ‘Hanging On’



It’s been a good old while since Australian producer Airwolf graced these pages. Over a year in fact, and even longer since his last release. Well, it’s good to know he hasn’t been waiting his time, the man is about to drop a huge new single on Onelove. Keeping in mind that Australia is upside down and it’s heading toward summer there, Hanging On is the perfect poolside party starter.

Hanging On is an undulating Disco-House tune that revolves around a dirty synth Funk bassline. A chunky, filtered, Disco hook permeates the track, which is peppered worth modulated vocal snatches and horn flourishes. Hanging On delivers elastic grooves and full on summery good-time vibes. A secret weapon in your crate? Check out the Radio Edit, which is pretty weird if we’re honest, it’s only two and a half minutes long, which is tiny even for radio edits (which usually knock around the 3m30s mark) and never really sells the song as much as it should. Hold out for the slamming club mix.

Edit: It seems that since posting this Onelove have swapped out the Radio Edit for the full Club Mix, so enjoy.

♫ Airwolf – Hanging On (Radio Edit)

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[Audio] Starcadian’s ‘Sunset Blood’ album



Starcadian’s Sunset Blood is the best Disco album of the year. There, that’s the short version of this review. It’s a pretty bold statement to make in a year that Daft Punk released their long awaited comeback, but we stand by it. Not that Starcadian’s freshly released début full length record, Sunset Blood, is strictly a Disco album, but it has a strain of authentic Disco running through it’s DNA that puts many contemporary Disco producers to shame. Mixed up with helpings of SynthWave, ElectroPop and TurboFunk it’s the perfect recipie.

Ever since we discovered Brooklyn based producer Starcadian he’s been a particular favourite around these parts, his track Girls Of Midnight clocking in at number three in our top 20 songs of 2012. Nothing about this thirteen track collection of tunes has let us down, and our expectation were high!

A new version of single Ronnie opens the album, it’s funkin’ bass, smooth electric Piano and slightly melancholy vocoding setting the tone for the album, exciting, emotional, electronic music and a badass, soaring, solo. The brooding Robo-Funk of Chinatown is up next. It’s passionate, cinematic, vocals meets rousing vintage electronics approach sending shivers down your spine. Previous favourite Sgt. Tagowski’s high-octane, slap bass fuelled, retro SynthWave meets ChipTune madness is followed by the album version of the single Heˆrt. Heˆrt is a simply beautiful piece of music, A piano led Disco ballad, a Sci-Fi lament that highlights Starcadian’s musicianship, songwriting and production skills perfectly. Spectrum Line, another new tune, is up next delivering it’s big DiscoPop vibes with an R&B twist, all smoothed over with Starcadian’s slightly gritty Electro sounds. The laid back vocoder grooves return on Lovetop, a vintage Disco laden love song, smooth and soulful to the extreme and contrasted with the big ElectroPop of Supersymmetry, probably the album’s Pop highlight. Big beats, slick vocals and catchy choruses all add up to pure synthesizer infectiousness. A New York Indie-Electro feel permeates the dreamy Waters before the album charges into the Cornish assault that is Pompey Pirate, bringing a French Electro epicness to Sunset Blood. Chainsaw riffs and soaring leads scream over a relentless machine beat and cut up, distorted electronics. What follows are three orchestrated, soundtrack pieces. Binary Stars, The Floppy Disk and It Ends Now being classical takes on the themes of Heˆrt, Chinatown and Pompey Pirate. With a John Williams flavour, this trilogy really show off Starcadian’s talent for arrangement as he presents a bombastic cavalcade of rising strings and horns that really get the blood racing. The album plays out on it’s title track, Sunset Blood is enigmatic SynthWave at it’s finest. A mysterious musical exposition, a synthesizer epic that leaves you waiting for the sequel.

It cannot be understated how impressive and confident a début Sunset Blood is for Starcadian. Easily one of the albums of the year. A musical narrative that deftly carries you along with it whist delivering some of the most addictive Disco we’ve heard in a long time. Highly recommended.

♫ Starcadian – Sgt. Tagowski

♫ Starcadian – Supersymmetry

♫ Starcadian – Ronnie (Album Mix)

♫ Starcadian – Pompey Pirate

Starcadian’s Sunset Blood is out now. Pick it up from Bandcamp.

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[Download] Wolf Saga reMixes Overwerk’s ‘Night Shift’



The latest tune from Canadian Chilly-DiscoPopmeister Wolf Saga comes in the form of a seasonal sounding moody retro Electro reMix of his friend Overwerk’s Night Shift. It’s not that creepy really, what it is, is a big, storming Electro-House tune that’s a bit of a departure for Wolf Saga, but we do love to see musicians stretching their musical muscles.

This one’s all about the big, ominous keys, buzzsaw synths and driving beats. Poking it’s head into SynthWave territory while it bashes out it’s big room beats, the reMix borrows a few relentless arpeggios and a cinematic feel from the genre before throwing that in a musical blender and turning it up to eleven. Rock your Halloween parry with this one.

Overwerk – Night Shift (Wolf Saga reMix)

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[Audio] The Crystal Method’s ‘Emulator’


The Crystal Method

America’s involvement with dance music, in general, can probably be condensed into two distinct eras. Firstly America invents modern dance music (Disco, Hip Hop, House, Techno) before mainstream white male America decide that dancing with other guys is ‘a bit gay’ and kills dance music in a way that would effect the US market for decades. Then, in recent years, some amazingly cleaver marketers and major label board members figure out how to package up various strands of electronic music, add in a little testosterone, and call it ‘EDM’ to sell to mainstream white male America on the grounds that it’s no longer ‘a bt gay’. However, during the bleak, dark years for electronic music in America (the 90s and 00s) there were small strongholds of resistance. One of the biggest names to come out of this resistance was The Crystal Method. American main-room big-beat Techno at it’s finest. And now they’re back.

We were pretty trepidations about the new The Crystal Method tune, it would have been so easy for them just to play on being a big name in US dance music and turn-in an uninspired ‘EDM’ track, a lowest common denominator crowd pleaser, and packed areas. Emulator is a massive Electro-House tune, and definitely a crowd pleaser, but the duo managed to deftly avoid the ‘EDM’ pitfalls, the cheese or the clichés. Sounding, a surprising amount, like The Crystal Method of old Emulator sports layers of dirty, chainsaw synth riffs, vocal snatches and a juggernaut bassline. Body shaking powerhouse Electro.

♫ The Crystal Method – Emulator

The Crystal Method’s Emulator appears on their new, self-titled album, due out 14th January 2014.

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