[Download] Wolf Saga reMixes Overwerk’s ‘Night Shift’



The latest tune from Canadian Chilly-DiscoPopmeister Wolf Saga comes in the form of a seasonal sounding moody retro Electro reMix of his friend Overwerk’s Night Shift. It’s not that creepy really, what it is, is a big, storming Electro-House tune that’s a bit of a departure for Wolf Saga, but we do love to see musicians stretching their musical muscles.

This one’s all about the big, ominous keys, buzzsaw synths and driving beats. Poking it’s head into SynthWave territory while it bashes out it’s big room beats, the reMix borrows a few relentless arpeggios and a cinematic feel from the genre before throwing that in a musical blender and turning it up to eleven. Rock your Halloween parry with this one.

Overwerk – Night Shift (Wolf Saga reMix)

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