[Download] Digitalism’s ‘Fahrenheit 32’



Fahrenheit 32 is the new tune from acclaimed German duo Digitalism, and according to them the start of a new era. “‘Fahrenheit 32’ marks a new direction for us both musically and creatively. It’s not just a milestone on a long journey of ours, but also a peace offering for what’s about to come.” they say, which kinda’ mean ‘we’re making House now’, and if this new tune is anything to go by it’s gonna’ be an awesome time for new music from Digitalism.

Just check out that bassline! Infectious as hell. Fahrenheit 32 is a pretty progressive tune that is well suited to the big room, despite lacking the big lead builds. It’s be more accurate to call it an ‘intelligent big room tune’. Fun and carefree, but with a serious concentration on sound design, the tune will win you over with it’s catchy hooks and kinetic House beats. More like this please guys!

Digitalism – Fahrenheit 32

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