[Audio] Fake Blood’s ‘Get Myself Together’


Fake Blood

Get Myself Together is taken from the forthcoming new EP from London noisenik Fake Blood. The Waiting EP is out next month hold three tracks including this monster. It’s the first we’ve heard from Theo Keating in a while, but the EP proves he’s lost none of his eclectic dancefloor flair.

Get Myself Together hits the ground running with stomping House beats and building drones before catapulting itself into a funky cacophony of string stabs and brooding basslines, all kept soulful with a big vocal sample. The Garage-y flavour to the beats gives the track a floorfilling swing, giving the track a nice complexity underneath the mantra synths.

♫ Fake Blood – Get Myself Together

Fake Blood’s Waiting EP is released 10th March.

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[Video] Fake Blood’s ‘All in The Blink’

Here’s the video for Fake Blood’s new single, the surprisingly Poppy and Discoy All In The Blink.

The clip features a song and dance look at a scientific study of ectenic energy. Horror ensues.

All In The Blink is out now.

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