[Audio] Airwolf’s ‘Hanging On’



It’s been a good old while since Australian producer Airwolf graced these pages. Over a year in fact, and even longer since his last release. Well, it’s good to know he hasn’t been waiting his time, the man is about to drop a huge new single on Onelove. Keeping in mind that Australia is upside down and it’s heading toward summer there, Hanging On is the perfect poolside party starter.

Hanging On is an undulating Disco-House tune that revolves around a dirty synth Funk bassline. A chunky, filtered, Disco hook permeates the track, which is peppered worth modulated vocal snatches and horn flourishes. Hanging On delivers elastic grooves and full on summery good-time vibes. A secret weapon in your crate? Check out the Radio Edit, which is pretty weird if we’re honest, it’s only two and a half minutes long, which is tiny even for radio edits (which usually knock around the 3m30s mark) and never really sells the song as much as it should. Hold out for the slamming club mix.

Edit: It seems that since posting this Onelove have swapped out the Radio Edit for the full Club Mix, so enjoy.

♫ Airwolf – Hanging On (Radio Edit)

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