‘Retro Futuristic Sound: Revisited 2k12’


KIEZ BEATS are about to release yet another awesome compilation of retro Electro sounds. These guys really are shifting, maybe under Futurecop!’s influence, straight into the SynthWave territory. Sure, there are still hints of Nu-Disco and Dreamwave scattered about ‘Retro Futuristic Sound: Revisited 2k12’’s whopping 20 tracks, but this is mostly headed down the same road as Outrun.

The line up is pretty amazing, loaded with retro  sounds and dance beats. Some of the highlights include The Toxic Avenger and Annie’s amazing ‘Alien Summer’ as reMixed by Eumig & Chinon. Pelifics and Electric Youth’s ‘Wish It Could Last’ also makes an appearance, sounding as ‘80’s as ever. Miami Nights 1984, one of the masters of SynthWave, brings his ‘Clutch’ to the proceedings, a soaring synthesizer epic. TEEEL gets a look in with his dreamy, Chillwavey, ‘Crystal Lake’ and the best thing to come out of Jakarta ever, Mjolnir, drop their Slick DiscoPop track with Dani, ‘Midway’. The whole album is absolutely top quality, Nu-Disco and SynthWave, check out some of the track and the tracklisting below.

♫ The Toxic Avenger (Feat. Annie) – Alien Summer(Eumig & Chinon reMix)

♫ Pelifics With Electric Youth – Wish It Could Last (Original Mix)

♫ Miami Nights 1984 – Clutch

♫ TEEEL – Crystal Lake

♫ Mjolnir (Feat. Dini) – Midway

The tracklist:

1. Lemâitre – The End (Extended Version)
02. Franklin – I Know (Com Truise reMix)
03. Pelifics With Electric Youth – Wish It Could Last (Original Mix)
04. TEEEL – Crystal Lake
05. Chateau Marmont – Receive And Follow
06. DW – Nine Lives (Johan Agebjörn & Le Prix reMix)
07. Tobtok – Reincarnation
08. Le Cassette – You Are You Are
09. Pablo Decoder – Sometimes Lonely
10. Space Life – Anatomy
11. Miami Nights 1984 – Clutch
12. Gin Joints – For Tonight (Neon Workout reMix)
13. Voyager – Lovers (Original Mix)
14. Mjolnir (Feat. Dini) – Midway
15. The Toxic Avenger (Feat. Annie ) – Alien Summer(Eumig & Chinon reMix)
16. NIAS – She Would (Saint Pauli reMix)
17. Garth Knight – AutoTron (Re-Master)
18. Awkoder – Lovely Eyes
19. The Fascination Movement – Interaction
20. Viceroy – Sunburn (Original Mix)

‘Retro Futuristic Sound: Revisited 2k12’ is released 26th June.

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Pelifics & Electric Youth’s ‘Wish It Could Last’ video

From the critically acclaimed ‘Lifetime Pt. 1’ EP on Brilliantine records comes the new video for PelificsElectric Youth’s ‘Wish It Could Last’.

I love a video with a narrative, and this Peter Diaz directed clip certainly has that.

The ‘Lifetime Pt 1’ EP is out now with part 2 coming in April.

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Pelifics & Electric Youth


This week sees the release of Pelifics’s first of two incoming ‘Lifetime’ EPs on Toronto’s Brilliantine records.

We previewed one of the EPs tracks in January that saw Norway’s Pelifics teaming up with Human Life, now you can have a listen to what is arguable the most eagerly awaited track on the EP, his collaboration with Electric Youth, ‘Wish It Could Last’. The track is pretty awesome,  a bouncy retro ElectroPop track. Just slightly minimal and just slightly melancholy but all fun. Built on Bronwyn’s classic sounding vocals and Pelifics’ amazing grasp on big, lush synth sounds and textures, ‘Wish It Could Last’ is exactly how retro Pop should be sounding.

♫ Pelifics (Feat. Electric Youth) – Wish It Could Last

The ‘Lifetime Pt 1’ EP is out now with part 2 coming in March.

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Electric Youth’s ‘Right Back To You’ full EP


We featured Electric Youth’s new single ‘Right Back To You’ a couple of weeks ago, now the whole reMix package is available to buy.

‘Right Back To You’ is an amazing return for the Canadian duo after what feels like a period away from releasing. Everything we fell in love with about Electric Youth back in 2009 is present, it’s epic ‘80’s movie Pop, with an uplifting quality, that has obviously been crafted with such love for it’s influences and the passion which Bronwyn and Austin have put into getting it just right is evident. It’ll be stuck in your head all week! the flip-side ‘Fade Away’ is sparkly ElectroPop which shows off a different side to Bronwyn vocals. The track is more introspective, both vocally and musically, it’s smooth retro Pop that shows off Electric Youth’s range. reMixes come from fellow Canadians DVAS with a laid back Nu-Disco take on the tune and Jacques L. Dorsey, who’s  ‘Sarah Sarah’ reMix turns the track into a classic SynthPop track with pulsating synths and stripped back, roomy, production. Welcome back Electric Youth!

♫ Electric Youth – Right Back To You

♫ Electric Youth – Fade Away

♫ Electric Youth – Right Back To You (DVAS reMix)

♫ Electric Youth – Right Back To You (Sarah Sarah reMix)

The whole ‘Right Back To You’ EP is out now and also includes reMix work from Royski & Watts.

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Electric Youth’s ‘Right Back To You’

Electric Youth

Does anyone else feel like Electric Youth should release stuff more often? They’re easily one of Canada’s finest ElectroPop exports but we hear from them so sporadically.

Take ‘Coming Right Back To You’, which we first heard a year ago and is finally available to buy. it’s a track that shows off just how clued up EY are when it comes to both songwriting and production styles in a mid-‘80’s Pop vein. It’s easy enough to recreate, or be influenced by ‘80’s music, but the era does have a particular signature when it comes to songwriting and vocal arrangement and Electric Youth have got it locked down. The production too, the use of big synth chords and the insertion of guitar, all authentically slick ‘80’s Pop. Fellow Canadian Dreamwaver DVAS sets up for reMix duties with a laid back funktastic track full of warm analog synth sounds and a delicate Rhodes piano holding up the melody.

♫ Electric Youth – Right Back To You

♫ Electric Youth – Right Back To You (DVAS reMix)

The ‘Right Back To You’ single is out now with a reMix package incoming.

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New Electric Youth!!!

What a way to start the weekend!!! Thanks to DiscoDust we have got a brand new track from the awesome Electric Youth!

EY have been quite for far too long, apparently holed up in the studio working on new material, as no-one quite does 80’s Pop like Electric Youth. ‘Right Back To You’ is pure genius, uplifting, retro ElectroPop with an amazing chorus hook.

It cannot be understated how good this track is! Enjoy:

Electric Youth – Right Back To You (Demo. Mix)

Hopefully this means an album is on the horizon!

Electric Youth @ Beatport

Electric Youth @ Amazon

[Via DiscoDust]

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StuffHappeningNow article on 80’s inspired Electro


London based zeitgeist ‘zine Stuffhappeningnow recently got in touch asking for our opinion on a few issues relating to 80’s inspired Electro-House/Dreamwave.

You can read the full article online here, it’s a good primer on the scene and features thoughts from Electric Youth, College and myself.

Read ‘Dreamwave: inside the nostalgia cult’ @ Stuffhappeningnow

College, Stravardo reMix


I love it when new stuff comes out of the Valerie collective, it’s always eagerly awaited!

Here we have another reMix of College & Electric Youth’s ‘She Never Came Back’. This time reMix duties are preformed by Stravardo (The dude from Damage!) who turns in an atmospheric retro chiller.

College (Feat. Electric Youth) – She Never Came Back (Stravardo Version) (zShare) (MediaFire)

The Valerie gang are soon launching  their new site, ValerieCollective, and May 27th see the release of their first compilation album ‘Valerie and Friends‘, which will be released on ESR. Exiting stuff!

College @ Beatport

College @ 7Digital

College @ Amazon

College never came back


College are back with some brand new 80’s synthesized Electro-House goodness.

As to be expected with anything bearing the Valerie stable seal of approval, College’s ‘She Never Came Back’ is a soaring Electro odyssey that wraps you up in layers of FM synthesis featuring vocals from Electric Youth Here treated to reMixes by fellow Valerie crew members Russ Chimes and The Outrunners.

College (Feat. Electric Youth) – She Never Came Back (Russ Chimes reMix) (zShare) (MediaFire)

College (Feat. Electric Youth) – She Never Came Back (The Outrunners reMix) (zShare) (MediaFire)

I love the fact that, along with Kavinsky and Danger et al., the Valerie lot seem to be putting the musician ship back into Electro-House.

Love all The Zonders artwork too!

You can also catch the video for ‘She Never Came Back’ here.

Go check out some College, then work your way through the rest of the Valerie gang:

College @ Beatport

College @ Juno

College @ 7Digital

College @ Amazon