[Audio] Le Matos & Electric Youth


le matos

Adding to their currently busy release schedule, the awesome Girlfriend Records have just dropped the new album from Montréal based power synth producers Le Matos. Having been released in the past twenty-four hours we haven’t really had time to sit down with it yet, but one of the eye catching tracks on the LP is Light Again, featruing a bit of fellow Canadian ElectroPoppers Electric Youth.

Light Again is pretty classic sounding ElectroPop, with a rounded Dreamwave flavour. Built up of storming dancefloor beats and euphoric synths. A driving arpeggiated bassline pins the track down and gives it it’s compelling energy, while starlight leads twinkle and play around the track. Electric Youth’s Bronwyn’s vocals sound as sweet as ever as they cry out over Le Matos’ pumping tune. All-in-all a good omen for the rest of the album.

♫ Le Matos (Feat, Electric Youth) – Light Again

Le Matos’ album Join Us is available now from here.

Buy Le Matos’ music from:


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