Monsieur Adi’s ‘Some Kind Of Love’

Monsieur Adi

We’ve got another new track right now from Monsieur Adi. The amount of new tunes Adi has been releasing recently leads us to believe he might have something planned. An album maybe? Or maybe he’s just finding his sound, experimenting before taking the plunge into album waters. Either way, it’s a win for us as the man never disappoints.

Some Kind Of Love, Adi’s new track, flows like water out of the speakers. Warm tones and gently plucked guitar give the track a pensive, introspective mood. Like the moment in an 80s action flick where the anti-hero is reassessing his actions before the final fight. Basically an ‘In The Air Tonight’ moment. Adi captures the feel perfectly with layers of atmospheric synths and a heart-breaking melody.

♫ Monsieur Adi – Some Kind Of Love

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