[Audio] Monsieur Adi & Electric Youth’s ‘Some Kind Of Love’


Monsieur Adi

After dominating the world with What’s Going On? and recently being announced as Beyoncé’s support DJ, Monsieur Adi finally has the world at his feet. What better time, then, to strike while the iron is hot and release a brand new EP. Adi’s forthcoming After Hours EP is set to be one of the releases of the first half of 2014 and, judging from this collaboration with Torontonian Dreamwavers Electric Youth, deservedly so.

Some Kind Of Love is an undulating and warm synthesizer epic. As with What’s Going On?, this is a reworking of an older Adi tune with the inclusion of hauntingly beautiful tones and Bronwyn’s smokey vocals to the originals bassy, dreamlike, soundscape life the track into the realms of mellow, heartbreak Pop. A swirling hazy of electronic awesomeness you just don’t want to come out of.

♫ Monsieur Adi (Feat. Electric Youth) – Some Kind Of Love

Monsieur Adi’s After Hours EP is out soon.

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