Electric Youth’s ‘The Best Thing’


One of the greatest exports to come out of Canada ever, Electric Youth’s new single came out this week. the duo are still riding high on the wave of being featured on the soundtrack to 2011 underground hit movie Drive, milking it for all it’s worth, they’re even currently on a ‘Drive’ tour with fellow Drivers Collage. The release of this new single, The Best Thing, is probably the best thing to happen to Electric Youth, probably best to move on from the whole Drive thing now.

And as a step into a post Drive world for Electric Youth The Best Thing is excellent. Blissful retro Pop, more chilled than Right Back To You and more sophisticated than their Valerie early days, The Best Thing displays a more mature Electric Youth, maybe even a more confident one. Both musically and vocally, The Best Thing is heavy with passion as rich pads and piercing leads dance around the track while Bronwyn delivers a flawless, intimate performance. Proving there are more layers to Electric Youth than we have yet seen, The Best Thing leaves us eager for more of their nostalgic Pop. We hear Mr. Vince Clarke had a hand in it too.

Electric Youth – The Best Thing

Electric Youth’s The Best Thing is out now.

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