[Audio] Electric Youth’s ‘Innocence’


Electric Youth

Canada’s finest Dreamwavers Electric Youth are back! After far to long an absence since their last single, The Best Thing, the Torontonian duo have just announced the release of their new single, Innocence. The single is taken from their forthcoming début full length record, due out next year. It seems weird that the duo have been around for so many years, but are only just releasing an album, but it’s definitely one we are looking forward to.

Innocence sees Electric Youth in full-on DreamPop mode. Austin keeps the music a swirl of hazy synths, with smokey, reverb washed keys still holding on to a degree of power. The spacious synths meld and blur into Bronwyn’s almost ethereal vocal performance, making them both just parts of a bigger whole. Dramatic and encompassing, Innocence is a good sign that the album is going to be something pretty special. See that? We got through the whole article without mentioning the dreaded ‘D’ word!

♫ Electric Youth – Innocence

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