Room8 (and Electric Youth)


Blimey! We’re not really sure who Ezra Reich and Nic Johns A.K.A. Room8 actually are, their email came out of the blue, but you have to give them credit off the bat for putting together all the prefect elements to relive the golden years of modern Electro. New retro synth record? Check. Featuring Electric Youth? Check. Artwork by The Zonders? Check. It’s like we’re partying like it’s 2007 (when we all pretended it was 1985)

But the namedropping doesn’t stop there, Room8’s new album, Transduction, also features Martha Davis from, The Motels, M83 saxophonist Ian Young, guitar work from Giorgio Moroder arranger Richie Zito, and was mixed by mixed with Gavin Mackillop (Human League, General Public, Heaven 17). That’s a hell of a support staff! Visions Of You, the Electric Youth featuring track off the album is a frantic, Italo tinged, ElectroPop track that perfectly pairs up Bronwyn’s sweet vocals with some classic retro synth work while Neon And Dice lets that sax flow over some rich, smooth electronics. Both track are amazing examples of SynthWave done right. Can’t wait to hear the rest of this album!”

♫ Room8 (Feat. Electric Youth) – Visions Of You

♫ Room8 – Neon And Dice

Room8’s Transduction is out soon.

Check out more from Room8 on SoundCloud.

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