Montevideo reMixed by Zimmer and the Discotexas crew


Remember Belgian outfit Montevideo’s Horses from back in February? A track that combined a New York Disco feel (no doubt helped by recording at DFA’s studio) with an Italo feel. The band are currently working on their new release, but in the meantime they, and Discotexas, are giving ways two new reMixes of Horses to tide us over until their second album drops.

First premièred on his last mixtape is Zimmer reMix. A burbling Disco tune that piles on the Cosmic elements and it’s fair share of cowbell. Pure Horizontal Disco, as Zimmer would term it, the track runs with bubbling analog bass and frantic percussion on a galactic trip that deserves an Animé video. The second reMix comes from Discotexas core trio of Moullinex, Xinobi & Mr. Mitsuhirato who kick of with a reverby 909 beat and proceed to fold an ‘90’s House vibe into a European Disco groove, the result is pretty unique and pretty captivating. Totally a track to get lost in.

Montevideo – Horses (Zimmer reMix)

Montevideo – Horses (Discotexas reMix)

‘Horses’ is out now..

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Rebeka’s ‘Stars’ video

Rebeka’s ‘Stars’ will be the next release on Discotexas. This Polish duo make eclectic ElectroPop the likes of which we are starting to see a resurgence of. And I’m quite looking forward to the summer of quirky DiscoPop.

Check out the video for their début, its a suitably glittery affair for the Mirror People produced tune. Balbina Bruszewska & Katarzyna Baraniewicz directed.

‘Stars’ is released 20th April on Discotexas with reMixes from Punks Jump Up.

Check out more from Rebeka on SoundCloud.

Zimmer’s ‘Horizontal Disco’ reMixes


This weekend saw the release of synthetic Disco maestro Zimmer’s ‘Horizontal Disco’ reMix EP. The ‘Horizontal Disco’ EP was one of many Discotexas highlights of 2011 and has, suitably, been given of top quality reMix package.

The highlight of the EP, for us, comes from American cosmic Boogie expert Moon Boots. His version of ‘Bay Bridge’ combines Moon Boots usual spaced-out Tropical flavour with a robotic bass and some bright, shining synths for a more electronic sound that we’re used to from him, but from it’s galactic groove to it’s vintage riffs, it’s a killer track. Elsewhere on the EP we get Broke One dropping a deep deep deep ‘90’s House vibe with rounded bass and a nice swing. Gomma’s Moullinex bring his playful Mediterranean Disco sound to the table with his version of ‘Looking At You’ complete with squelchy little synth riffs and a nostalgia inducing electric piano hook. Xinobi brings us back to the ‘90’s House-fest with his hand-in-the-air track that could have easily seen play at The Haçienda in the circa 1991. Also on board is the Lou Teti reMix we featured last week. These days we don;t expect anything less than the best from Discotexas, but it’s comforting to know they haven’t disappointed yet.

♫ Zimmer – Bay Bridge (Moon Boots reMix)

♫ Zimmer (Feat. Jeremy Glenn) – Slave To Your Heart (Broke One reMix)

♫ Zimmer – Looking At You (Moullinex reMix)

♫ Zimmer (Feat. Jeremy Glenn) – – Slave To Your Heart (Xinobi reMix)

‘Horizontal Disco reMixes’ is out now.

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Philosophy Of Sound’s ‘Freedom, What For?’ single & A.N.D.Y. reMixes

Philosophy Of Sound

After a week of build up yesterday Philosophy Of Sound released their new track ‘Freedom  What For?’.

This is the Melbourne based duo’s second single for Discotexas and has so far generated a fair bit of hype. Well deserved it is too, the track rolls on a sprawling synth bass that will have you hooked the minute it kicks in. A lyrically politically charged track, ‘Freedom, What For?’ is cynical, but funky as hell, and with it’s power Italo bass and wicked guitar licks it just too infectious. the package includes a reMix from one half of Mustang, A.N.D.Y., which we features a couple of weeks ago as a stunning début, now you can download the instrumental version below, and be sure to check out the rest of the EP.

♫ Philosophy Of Sound – Freedom, What For? (Original Mix)

♫ Philosophy Of Sound – Freedom, What For? (A.N.D.Y. reMix)

Philosophy Of Sound – Freedom, What For? (A.N.D.Y. Instrumental reMix)

‘Freedom, What For?’ is released 16th March on Discotexas and also includes reMix work from Tronik Youth.

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Philosophy Of Sound’s ‘Freedom, What For?’ video

Philosophy Of Sound’s forthcoming single ‘’Freedom, What For?’ in video form!

The video rests on a really simple, but really effective ‘guy spinning a bulb around’ motif that’s actually pretty genius.

‘Freedom, What For?’ is released 16th March on Discotexas.

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Justin Faust & Jay Lamar & Jesse Oliver


Justin Faust has been a long time staple here at electronic rumors, while Finnish Jay Lamar & Jesse Oliver have been featured a few time but are relatively new favourites of ours. Put them together and you have one hell of a Discotexas dream team.

Jay Lamar & Jesse Oliver’s reMix of Justin Faust’s ‘High Hopes’ was released today for free in celebration of both parties recent, very well received, EPs. JL & JO’s mix of Mr. Faust’s ‘High Hopes’, originally featured on his ‘Girl Talk’ EP of last year, is a shockingly good exercise in fresh Nu-Disco built on retro sounds. It’s got a massive lead line, a serious Disco bassline, popping electro Toms and a wicked little guitar riff to keep things on the up. Pure gold. As we mentioned a couple of days ago, Discotexas are one of the few labels that so consistently release awesome material that you can always bank on the name to deliver the goods.

Justin Faust – High Hopes (Jay Lamar & Jesse Oliver reMix)

Justin Faust’s ‘Girl Tal’ EP is out now, as is Jay Lamar & Jesse Oliver’s ‘Diamonda’, both on Discotexas.

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2011: A Discotexas Review by Mr. Mitsuhirato


Mr. Mitsuhirato – 2011: A Discotexas Review = Discotexas man Mr. Mitsuhirato take us on an awesome journey through the labels last twelve months. When they are all put together like this you realise just how much quality has been coming from Discotexas, every track’s a winner!

Mr. Mitsuhirato – 2011: A Discotexas Review

The tracklist:

01. Kamp! – Cairo
02. Zimmer – Cruisin’ (Extended Version)
03. Philosophy of Sound – It Is Like That (Instrumental)
04. Lazydisco – More Tigers (MODE reMix)
05. Coupons – Driving To Your House Party (Jad & The Ladyboy reMix)
06. Kamp! – Cairo (Philosophy of Sound reMix)
07. Zimmer (Feat. Jeremy Glenn) – Slave To Your Heart
08. Mirror People (Feat. Rowetta) – Feel The Need (Munk reMix)
09. Lazydisco – More Tigers (Astrolabe reMix)
10. Appaloosa – Sinister
11. Terminal Twilight – Black and Blue
12. Publicist – Bite (Justin Faust Edit)
13. Justin Faust – Girl Talk
14. Appaloosa – Jumping On Beds (Mirror People reMix)
15. Lazydisco – More Tigers (Mirror People reMix)
16. Kamp! – Cairo (Moullinex reMix)
17. Justin Faust – Girl Talk (Gloves reMix)
18. Douze – Forsaken (Publicist reMix)
19. Publicist – Makes End Meet (Zimmer Edit)
20. Appaloosa – Patchwork (ATTAR! reMix)
21. Mirror People – Feel The Need (feat. Rowetta) (Social Disco Club reMix)
22. Moullinex & Xinobi – X Marks The Spot (Glimmers reMix)
23. Appaloosa – Patchwork

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Jay Lamar & Jesse Oliver’s new EP

Looks like Discotexas are onto another absolute winner with heir next release, the ‘Diamonda’ EP from Finish production duo Jay Lamar & Jesse Oliver.

From them moment the lead track kicks off your ears are treated to some massive sounding ‘80’s influenced Dreamwave awesomeness. ‘Diamonda’ is a full on driving synth track that walks the pumping line between Nu-Disco and Outrun Electro. this tune is so exciting it makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. It’s partnered with ‘Opal’, more Dreamwave excellence with slightly more of a hazy summer city nights vibe to it and some lush soaring synths. reMixes come correct from Justin Faust who’s Nu-Disco groove is a bit of a stand out track, Xinobi and Bright Shades. As an extra treat here’s also the EP’s closing track ‘22’ to download, it makes a nice retro comedown for the EP.

♫ Jay Lamar & Jesse Oliver – Diamonda (Original Mix)

♫ Jay Lamar & Jesse Oliver – Opal (Original Mix)

♫ Jay Lamar & Jesse Oliver – Diamonda (Justin Faust Remix)

Jay Lamar & Jesse Oliver – 22

‘Diamonda’ is released today on Discotexas.

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Douze’s new EP


Friday saw the release of French Discomeister Douze’s ‘Eternity’s Call Back’ EP from Discotexas.

the EP’s two original tracks ‘Eternity’s Call Back’ and ‘Forsaken’ are sweeping, cosmic slices of electronic Disco Funk, with ‘Forsaken’ even verging into space-age ElectroPop territory. To mark the release, check out these two reMixes of ’Forsaken’ from Freak You, who turns the track into a digital slap bass monster with a surprising, but wicked, electric piano lead line, and Publicist, whose deep analog synth Disco take is a smooth robotic dancefloor invasion.

Douze – Forsaken (Freak You reMix And Piña Colada)

Douze – Forsaken (Publicist reMix)

Douze’s ‘Eternity’s Call Back’ EP  is out now.

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Mirror People’s new single

mirror people

There’s a truck load of Moog Funk hearing right for your face and your feet on Mirror People’s new single for Discotexas.

Featuring the powerful vocals of Rowetta, ‘Feel The Need’ sees the Portuguese producer channelling early ‘80’s TV Disco. The bassline if funky, but fun, and Rowetta’s big Diva vocals are Disco enough, but slightly playful too. There’s an awesome reMix package including work from Moullinex and Severino, but the stand-outs must be Munk’s huge Disco mix and Social Disco Club’s relentless Moog Funk/Early ‘90’s Nrg mash up.

♫ Mirror People (Feat. Rowetta) – Feel The Need (Original Mix)

♫ Mirror People (Feat. Rowetta) – Feel The Need (Munk reMix)

♫ Mirror People (Feat. Rowetta) – Feel The Need (Social Disco Club ‘Hi-Nrg’ Dub)

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