[Audio] Mirror People’s ‘I Need Your Love’ reMixed by 2CV


Mirror People

Portuguese Disco producer Rui Maia, better know to you fine folks as Mirror People, originally dropped I Need Your Love back in February ahead of the release of his début album Voyager. The track is now getting a full single release equipped with a couple of reMixes including this stormer from Paris based Dutch duo 2CV. Check it out.

2CV serve up an eclectic slice of analog Disco on this one. Layered with electronic bleeps and whirs, the duo put together a slick combination of retro Disco beats and ringing vintage synths belting out a bouncy bass and warping lead lines. Weaving the original’s vocals in and out of their synthetic symphony, 2CV manage to create some order from this dancefloor chaos.

♫ ♫ Mirror People – I Need Your Love (2CV Vocal reMix)

Mirror People’s I Need Your Love reMixes is out now.

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[Video] Mirror People’s ‘Come Over’


Mirror People — Come Over  Feat Iwona Skwarek    YouTube

Featuring Rebeka’s Iwona Skwarek (apparently habitual Discotexas collaborator) Come Over is the new single from Portuguese Disco producer Mirror People. A bass booming, soulful, tune with a laid back vibe.

Check out the video, directed by Ponitail and Alexis Johnson, in all it’s nightlife glory.

Mirror People’s Come Over is out now 7th February, via Discotexas.

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[Video] Mirror People’s ‘Kaleidoscope’


Mirror People   Kaleidoscope  Official    YouTube

With the new release of the reMix package of Portuguese Disco don Mirror People’s 2012 single Kaleidoscope, comes a fresh video, which is about as title-inspired as you can get.

Directed by Victor Santos the video is very Kaleidoscopey, and just the right side of psychedelic Disco that fits so well with the Portuguese scene.

Mirror People’s Kaleidoscope reMix single is out now with work from Psychemagik and Xinobi, via Discotexas.

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[Audio] Rebeka & Mirror People


Rebeka & Mirror People

Here’s something quite interesting whipped up by one of the best labels around Discotexas. It;s a new single from both Polish ElectroPop duo Rebeka and Portuguese ecclectic Disco producer Mirror People. What began as a collaboration, ended up as two takes on the same song. Taking the tracks in two different direction from the initial seed of shared vision, Rebeka and Mirror People present their versions of Nothing To Give, as one release, our this week.

Rebeka’s take on Nothing To Give is a big, dramatic, ElectroPop tune. Bombastic as it is synthetic, Rebaka’s version of the song, is passionate to the extreme as vocalist Iwona bellows over twisting, shrill synths and a raw, live beat. Mirror People, on the other hand, bring a swirling, European, Disco flavour to the track, with hints of Moroder and Italo amongst the vintage electronics. It’s a really interesting idea that has yielded some seriously infectious results. Another win for Discotexas.

♫ Rebeka (Feat. Mirror People) – Nothing To Give (Original Mix)

♫ Mirror People (Feat. Rebeka) – Nothing To Give (Original Mix)

Rebeka & Mirror People’s Nothing To Give is out now.

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Mirror People’s ‘Kaleidoscope’

Mirror People

The awesome Discotexas’ latest release comes from stable member Mirror People and an insanely infectious tune called Kaleidoscope. Released today, this tune has been getting tons of play and support from the likes of The Magician, Bottin, Bag Raiders, Moullinex, B-Xentric! and MiGHty mOUse. Deservedly too, it’s pure crazy fun Disco.

With a twisted P-Funk bassline and a melody that worms it’s way into your brain like some insidious mind control, Kaleidoscope is built on the foundations of a solid beat and a hypnotic loop. Add a few Acidic burbles and shiny chiming leads and you have a floorfiller that is all about the good times. Discotexas cohort Xinobi supplies the reMix, mixing in a little of his left-field Disco and Italo sounds. even going so far as to make things a bit soulful with a nice piano line. One again, Discotexas have delivered a top quality party rocker.

♫ Mirror People – Kaleidoscope

♫ Mirror People – Kaleidoscope (Xinobi reMix)

Mirror People’s Kaleidoscope is out today on Discotexas.

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Mirror People reMixes Munk


Portuguese prodigy, Mr. Rui Maia, A.K.A. Mirror People has dropped another of his bouncy electronic Funk reMixes, this time in the form of Gomma man Munk’s ‘Kitchen Call’ from his excellent ‘The Bird And The Beat’ album of last year.

Rui get’s a bit of Moroder in his blood for this reMix. Laden with popping analog synth bass and the subtlest snatches of vocal from the almost Hip Hop original. Replacing the breakbeat with a solid Disco groove this reMix rolls along, dragging you with it to the dancefloor, until the solo hits, then it just soars away. It’s definitely about time for a new Mirror People EP, don’t you think?

Munk – Kitchen Call (Mirror People reMix)

Munk’s ‘The Bird And The Beat’ is out now.

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Adamski’s ‘I Like It ‘ EP


Adamski has had a long and illustrious career. Instrumental in bringing dance music to the Pop masses when he, along with his Ensoniq SQ80, brought digital synths into Acid House (I had an SQ80, used to spend ages trying to copy Adamski!) and gave the world Seal (movie soundtracks would never be the same again). That was back in ‘89, and he’s been recording off and on ever since, sometimes as Adamski, and in recent times as Adam Sky.

But it took our friend Jerry Bouthier’s Continental Records to get him to don the Adamski hat once more for his forthcoming ‘I Like It’ EP, and it strangely sounds just like Adamski should! The lead track is a big Disco-tinged rave monster. It’s a definite London vibe, deep, hypnotic riffs and brain infecting synths work best on the capitals dark mysterious dancefloors. Places you can loose yourself in a track that takes in the last two decades of the producer’s career. ‘Wot Happened To You?’ is more straight-up Nu-Disco, still with a strong ‘90’s House vibe but more of a solid groove and slick Disco guitar snatches here and there. We first heard ATTAR!’s reMix of ‘I Like It’ on the last Aeroplane mixtape and it does an amazing job or reining the track in with a solid bassline and, naturally cowbell (the only thing the original track didn’t have). ATTAR!’s mix has such an epic lead line that’s pure euphoria inducing, there’s no way that this won;t kill on the dancefloor. Discotexas’ Mirror People smooth things out even more with their late ‘70’s Funk inspired Disco workout of ‘Wot Happened To You?’. moving you with the Disco and surprising you with some Rave keys. Holding the read is another mix of ‘Wot Happened To You?’ from French synth guru Blackjoy with a Disco sampling dark and moody Italo version that stands out from the pack in it’s pure difference to the rest, it’s an epic, cinematic track that is the perfect closer.

♫ Adamski – I Like It

♫ Adamski – Wot Happened To U?

♫ Adamski – I Like It (ATTAR! reMix)

♫ Adamski – Wot Happened To U? (Mirror People reMix)

Adamski – Wot Happened To U? (Blackjoy reMix)

The ‘I Like It’ EP is released 28th May on Continental Records and includes a reMix from Blackjoy as well.

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Rebeka’s ‘Stars’ with Punks Jump Up & Mirror People


We had a look at the video for Rebeka’s new single ‘Stars’ earlier this week. The single is out today on Discotexas and hold a whole host to crazy reMixes. Quirky ElectroPop, on the whole, has been pretty quiet for a couple of years so we’re really diggin’ this resurgence in eclectic, interesting electronic Pop bands. Discotexas seems to be pretty into it too with more and more of their releases bringing a BedroomPop flavour to their Disco.

‘Stars’ is a great introduction to this Polish duo, (yes, Rebeka is a duo) is a classic DiscoPop track with a sultry cabaret quality and an extra helping of eastern European bizarreness. Fun and funky is a heady combination. The reMix package is, as you’d expect from Discotexas, top quality. Punks Jump Up, who after a couple of years being the coolest of the underground seem to be gaining momentum recently, bring their abrasive London Disco style to the track with building Acidic lines and a peak time vibe. Discotexas’ own Mirror People also deliver a slick as hell mix, working things a bit deeper with their Club Mix. Mirror People’s version retains the cabaret flow and presents it for the dark corners of seedy Electro clubs.

Rebeka – Stars (Original Mix)

♫ Rebeka – Stars (Punks Jump Up reMix)

♫ Rebeka – Stars (Mirror People Club Mix)

‘Stars’ is released 20th April on Discotexas with reMixes from Punks Jump Up.

Check out more from Rebeka on SoundCloud.

New Order edited by Mirror People

New Order

New Order’s ‘5 8 6 ’, form 1983,  was a prime example of the bands early experiments with synths being at the forefront of their music. Having just discovered Disco many of the tracks on the ‘Power, Corruption & Lies’ album have a dance groove, but not all of them would stand up on todays dancefloors, including ‘5 8 6’…Mirror People thought he’d see to that.

Mirror People’s edit of ‘5 8 6’ gives the track a new burst of raw energy. Emphasising the kick and some of the synths, and adding a few stabs here and there, the changes are quite subtle, but make all the difference in the mix.

New Order – 5 8 6 (Mirror People Edit)

‘5 8 6’ is taken from New Order’s 1983 album, ‘Power, Corruption & Lies’.

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Mirror People’s new single

mirror people

There’s a truck load of Moog Funk hearing right for your face and your feet on Mirror People’s new single for Discotexas.

Featuring the powerful vocals of Rowetta, ‘Feel The Need’ sees the Portuguese producer channelling early ‘80’s TV Disco. The bassline if funky, but fun, and Rowetta’s big Diva vocals are Disco enough, but slightly playful too. There’s an awesome reMix package including work from Moullinex and Severino, but the stand-outs must be Munk’s huge Disco mix and Social Disco Club’s relentless Moog Funk/Early ‘90’s Nrg mash up.

♫ Mirror People (Feat. Rowetta) – Feel The Need (Original Mix)

♫ Mirror People (Feat. Rowetta) – Feel The Need (Munk reMix)

♫ Mirror People (Feat. Rowetta) – Feel The Need (Social Disco Club ‘Hi-Nrg’ Dub)

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