2011: A Discotexas Review by Mr. Mitsuhirato


Mr. Mitsuhirato – 2011: A Discotexas Review = Discotexas man Mr. Mitsuhirato take us on an awesome journey through the labels last twelve months. When they are all put together like this you realise just how much quality has been coming from Discotexas, every track’s a winner!

Mr. Mitsuhirato – 2011: A Discotexas Review

The tracklist:

01. Kamp! – Cairo
02. Zimmer – Cruisin’ (Extended Version)
03. Philosophy of Sound – It Is Like That (Instrumental)
04. Lazydisco – More Tigers (MODE reMix)
05. Coupons – Driving To Your House Party (Jad & The Ladyboy reMix)
06. Kamp! – Cairo (Philosophy of Sound reMix)
07. Zimmer (Feat. Jeremy Glenn) – Slave To Your Heart
08. Mirror People (Feat. Rowetta) – Feel The Need (Munk reMix)
09. Lazydisco – More Tigers (Astrolabe reMix)
10. Appaloosa – Sinister
11. Terminal Twilight – Black and Blue
12. Publicist – Bite (Justin Faust Edit)
13. Justin Faust – Girl Talk
14. Appaloosa – Jumping On Beds (Mirror People reMix)
15. Lazydisco – More Tigers (Mirror People reMix)
16. Kamp! – Cairo (Moullinex reMix)
17. Justin Faust – Girl Talk (Gloves reMix)
18. Douze – Forsaken (Publicist reMix)
19. Publicist – Makes End Meet (Zimmer Edit)
20. Appaloosa – Patchwork (ATTAR! reMix)
21. Mirror People – Feel The Need (feat. Rowetta) (Social Disco Club reMix)
22. Moullinex & Xinobi – X Marks The Spot (Glimmers reMix)
23. Appaloosa – Patchwork

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