Philosophy Of Sound’s ‘Fragile Disco’ video + Coupons reMix

Philosophy Of Sound’s second single for Discotexas, Fragile Disco, has just been released and continues their deep, vintage sounding, Disco oddessy.

Check out the new video, directed by Martin Koszolko. It features far to many apps and not enough actual instruments in our opinion, but it’s a nice looking affair.

Also just our for you listening pleasure is this reMix of the track from fellow Discotexas-ers Coupons, to take the track to even deeper places with growling baselines and space-age melodies.

Philosophy Of Sound – Fragile Disco (Coupons reMix)

Philosophy Of Sound’s Fragile Disco is out now.

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Philosophy Of Sound’s ‘Freedom, What For?’ single & A.N.D.Y. reMixes

Philosophy Of Sound

After a week of build up yesterday Philosophy Of Sound released their new track ‘Freedom  What For?’.

This is the Melbourne based duo’s second single for Discotexas and has so far generated a fair bit of hype. Well deserved it is too, the track rolls on a sprawling synth bass that will have you hooked the minute it kicks in. A lyrically politically charged track, ‘Freedom, What For?’ is cynical, but funky as hell, and with it’s power Italo bass and wicked guitar licks it just too infectious. the package includes a reMix from one half of Mustang, A.N.D.Y., which we features a couple of weeks ago as a stunning début, now you can download the instrumental version below, and be sure to check out the rest of the EP.

♫ Philosophy Of Sound – Freedom, What For? (Original Mix)

♫ Philosophy Of Sound – Freedom, What For? (A.N.D.Y. reMix)

Philosophy Of Sound – Freedom, What For? (A.N.D.Y. Instrumental reMix)

‘Freedom, What For?’ is released 16th March on Discotexas and also includes reMix work from Tronik Youth.

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Philosophy Of Sound’s ‘Freedom, What For?’ video

Philosophy Of Sound’s forthcoming single ‘’Freedom, What For?’ in video form!

The video rests on a really simple, but really effective ‘guy spinning a bulb around’ motif that’s actually pretty genius.

‘Freedom, What For?’ is released 16th March on Discotexas.

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A.N.D.Y.’s ‘Tape One’ + Philosophy Of Sound reMix


A.N.D.Y.– A.N.D.Y. Tape One = The début mixtape from the Andy half of Mustang is a declaration of intent, if that intent is to provide you with slick synthesizer Disco tunes. His ‘A.N.D.Y. Tape One’ is a sweet selection of tunes, including a few upcoming A.n.D.Y. reMixes.

A.N.D.Y. – A.N.D.Y. Tape One

The tracklist:

01. Neighbour – You Can Do It
02. Jus’ Bros. – The Thrugh
03. Russian Adults -Don’t Panic Dancing
04. Larse – So Long
05. The Supermen Lovers – Say No More (A.N.D.Y. reMix)
06. Tad Wily – Garage Love
07. Lazaro Casanova – DeLoreans Groove (LC Dub)
08. Jean Nipon – Girl Complex
09. Philosophy Of Sound – Freedom, What For ? (A.N.D.Y. reMix)
10. Moonbootica – Iconic (Lorenz Rhode reMix)

Speaking of A.N.D.Y. reMixes, check out this forthcoming release for Discotexas Philosophy Of Sound. His version of their new single ‘Freedom, What For?’ cut-up the track over an absolute killer bass section. It’s got that really synthetic Disco sound we loved about Mustang. Futuristically electronic, but full of soul. And those big modulated chords…you can’t help but love this mix.

♫ Philosophy Of Sound – Freedom, What For ? (A.N.D.Y. reMix)

Check out more from A.N.D.Y.on SoundCloud.

Kamp! & Philosophy Of Sound


Having had Kamp!’s ‘Cairo’ single on replete for quite a while we’re both excited and relieved to have a brand new reMix to play to death.

Discotexas lablemates Philosophy Of Sound have cooked up an epic, sweeping Disco Dub versions of the tune that is as funky as it is hypnotic. Drawing you in to it’s low-down bass and brain infection Disco lick. The reMix has been dropped in celebration of Discotexas receiving a shipment of 200 limited edition blue vinyl 12”s featuring the Moullinex, JBAG and Social Disco Club reMixes. Get one while they’re hot!

Kamp! – Cairo (Philosophy Of Sound Dub reMix)

‘Cairo’ is out now.

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