Jay Lamar & Jesse Oliver’s new EP

Looks like Discotexas are onto another absolute winner with heir next release, the ‘Diamonda’ EP from Finish production duo Jay Lamar & Jesse Oliver.

From them moment the lead track kicks off your ears are treated to some massive sounding ‘80’s influenced Dreamwave awesomeness. ‘Diamonda’ is a full on driving synth track that walks the pumping line between Nu-Disco and Outrun Electro. this tune is so exciting it makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. It’s partnered with ‘Opal’, more Dreamwave excellence with slightly more of a hazy summer city nights vibe to it and some lush soaring synths. reMixes come correct from Justin Faust who’s Nu-Disco groove is a bit of a stand out track, Xinobi and Bright Shades. As an extra treat here’s also the EP’s closing track ‘22’ to download, it makes a nice retro comedown for the EP.

♫ Jay Lamar & Jesse Oliver – Diamonda (Original Mix)

♫ Jay Lamar & Jesse Oliver – Opal (Original Mix)

♫ Jay Lamar & Jesse Oliver – Diamonda (Justin Faust Remix)

Jay Lamar & Jesse Oliver – 22

‘Diamonda’ is released today on Discotexas.

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