[Audio] Villa’s ‘If I’



Some neat analog Disco for you right now in the form of the forthcoming new single from Belgian duo Villa. Released later this month with reMixes from the likes of MiGHty mOUse, The Shoes and Borussia, If I, is the follow up to their single Mint of earlier this year and nicely coincides with the release of their reMix of Röyksopp & Susanne Sundfør’s Running To The Sea.

If typical recent Villa fashion, If I displays an undulating waling bassline and some raw sounding drums. The sparse track slowly builds itself along it’s three and a half minute length, each section of the song adding a new synth line of Disco lick, until the track is a vintage synth workout and you can;t help but like. The slightly cautious vocal does it’s job, but never matches the infectious Disco insanity of the music, still it serves as a nice compliment to the track though.

♫ Villa – If I

Villa’s If I is released 26th November.

Buy Villa’s music from:


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