[Audio] Rocco Raimundo reMixes Stee Downes’ ‘Caught Up’


Stee Downes

Caught Up is the forthcoming new single from Nu-Disco vocal staple Stee Downes. Dropping in the middle of next month, the single, a funky slice of live Soul, comes with a loaded reMix package; the most interesting of which is this groove monster from the man Rocco Raimundo. Unfortunately the track is only available on the digital release, not having been included in the vinyl copy, which is a shame as we would have bought the 12” in a heartbeat if this was on there.

Raimundo serves up a mesmerising concoction of Disco, Italo and Tropical influences all riding on a rock solid House beat. A chest shaking subby bassline provides star contrast to an array of shimmering lead synths and a warming Tropical percussive hook. All working together, weaving in and out of each other, to produce a lush whole, these elements create the prefect backing for Downes neo-Soul vocal. With a laid back mood, but driving groove, this reMix is a crate essential.

♫ Stee Downes – Caught Up (Rocco Raimundo Version)

Stee Downes’ Caught Up is released 15th September.

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[Audio] Rocco Raimundo reMixes Holy Models’ ‘Swimming’



Eskimo Recordings recent accusation, Australian trio Holy Models’ new single Swimming has been causing quite a stir amongst people in-the-know int he last couple of weeks. The threesome of Adam Frawley, Mitchell Van Kaathoven and Luke McKay with a little behind the scenes help from Mr. James Curd, are due to release this début next week with a host of reMixes. One mix in particular has caught our attention, coming from Disco don Rocco Raimundo.

Rocco serves up a blistering array of poolside sounds set to a heavy, but laid back, House beat. Rolling Disco bass runs all over the tune, a synth pulsar that singes on the whole track. Hazy, delayed, vocal snatches and comfortable keys all add up to deliver a chilled, but imminently funky, seven minutes of sunshine bliss.

♫ Holy Models – Swimming (Rocco Raimundo reMix)

Holy Models The Pink Collection EP is released 26th August.

Check out more from Holy Models on SoundCloud.

[MP3] Rocco Raimundo reMixes LeSale’s ‘Before The Night’



This track was actually released last December as part of Luv Shack’s Lessons In Luv EP, but Australian Disco producer extraordinaire Rocco Raimundo has decided to give his reMix of DJ LeSale’s Before The Night away for free. Very generous of him too, as the track is perfect summer evening’s fodder.

Serving up the track in the form of a smooth House jam, with a dreamtime groove. Both the vocal samples and the reverby piano hook seem to float over the track and the whole arrangement, whist tights, has a loose, chilled vibe to it. Layers of synths weave in and out of the track, sparking melodies rising and fading. This is one from relaxing with good friends and good drinks and watching the day turn in to night.

LeSale – Before The Night (Rocco Raimundo Version)

Luv Shack’s Lessons In Luv EP is out now.

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Rocco Raimundo’s ‘Do You Wanna’?’

Rocco Raimundo

The ‘90’s House sound has now infiltrated everything, not that that’s a bad thing but four years ago we wouldn’t have expected it to be the next big thing. Now it is however the nostalgia is really fun. Which comes as no shock as House in the late ‘80’s and early ‘90’s was all about the fun. Disco dons want in on the act too, normally renowned for his late night Disco boogie Mr. Rocco Raimundo’s latest SoundCloud drop is positively ‘90’s House.

Not surprising really, as his tune, Do You Wanna’? is based around Salt ‘N’ Pepa’s Do You Really Want Me, taking it’s main loop and vocal snatches Raimundo turns a Pop Rap track into deep Chicago House and makes it look effortless.  Phasing in and out the smallest of vocal sample and letting the hook, with some added deep bass groove, do the work of pumping out a hypnotic jam. Whether Disco or House, Rocco Raimundo can work the dancefloor.

♫ Rocco Raimundo – Do You Wanna’?

Rocco Raimundo’s new single, This Is The Love, is out next month.

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Satin Jackets & Rocco Raimundo

Satin Jackets

German smooth Electro Boogie guru Tim Bernhardt A.K.A. Satin Jackets had teamed up with the king of late night Disco Rocco Raimundo for some funky bass heavy good times.

The result of this meeting of minds is ‘This Is The Love’, a laid back Nu-Disco jam with a relaxed piano groove and a distant Disco lick. With a great, and well used, vocal sample intertwining with some sweet talkbox vocal action the track is full, but never overbearing, keeping a chilled vibe throughout. Both these guys are at the top of their respective games so it’s no surprise that the track they produced is so slick, and so smooth.

♫ Satin Jackets & Rocco Raimundo – This Is The Love

Satin Jackets’ :kinema: featuring single ‘Kick It With You’ is out at the end of the month on Mullet Records. Rocco Raimundo’s current single ‘Between The Sheet’ is out now on Bedmo Disco.

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Rocco Raimundo’s new mixtape


Rocco Raimundo – Ridin’ With Rocco Vol. 2 = Rocco’s new mix of Disco tunes, Edits and summer night time jams.

Rocco Raimundo – Ridin’ With Rocco Vol. 2

The tracklist:

01. D-Pulse – Velocity Of Love (Hot Toddy Mix)
02. Toomy Disco – Outstanding
03. Late Nite Tuff Guy – Keep Forgettin’ (LNTG Rework)
04. Soho808 – Get Up Disco
05. Francis Inferno Orchestra – Me And You (Original Mix)
06. Mark E – Smiling
07. Jkriv (Feat. Adeline Michèle) – Another Night (Greg Wilson Version)
08. Gazeebo – Red Hearts
09. Ron’s Edits – Serious
10. Megadon Betamax – He Can’t Love You (Instrumental)
11. Larse – So Much Fun
12. Paul Monroe – Summer Dream (Original Mix)
13. The Kings Arms – No Good For You
14. Pete Herbert – Spaced

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Rocco Raimundo’s ‘Between The Sheets’ mixtape

Rocco Raimundo – Between The Sheets 12″ Promo Mix =  Over an hour of straigh-up Disco and ElectroFunk jams put together by Rocco Raimundo to promote his forthcoming ‘Between The Sheets’ single on Bedmo Disco.

Rocco Raimundo – Between The Sheets 12″ Promo Mix

The tracklist:

01. Kleeer – Tonight
02. Rene & Angela – Love You More (Danny Krivit And Frankie Rodriquez’ Long Vocal Edit)
03. Nicholas – Sunshine And Rain
04. Slow Hands – Rough Patch (Original Mix)
05. Carmen – Time To Move (Rayko Edit)
06. Rocco Raimundo – Can’t Shake This Feeling
07. Ray Mang – Can’t Keep Running
08. Gazeebo – Everybody Up
09. Radiance – You’re My Number 1 feat. Andrea Stone (Dub Mix)
10. Skyy – Here’s to You (Dims Body and Soul Re-Edit)
11. Lindstrom & Christabelle – Baby Can’t Stop (Idjut Boys reMix)
12. The Bee Gees – You Should Be Dancin’ (Todd Terje Edit)
13. Gary’s Gang – Let’s Lovedance Tonight (Danny Krivit Re-Edit)
14. Putsch ’79 – Gibson Brothers (Vocal Mix)

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