[MP3] Clancy’s ‘The Way You Dance’



One of the UK’s finest producers Clancy has bust out a new tune. Having effortlessly migrated from Dreamwave to Nu-Disco to House, and taking all of those experiences and influences with him, he;s really at the top of his game. His new single, The Way You Dance, (which he’s dropped for free BTW) is another one that should go straight in your crate.

This one’s all about deep, heavy grooves. A bass powered juggernaut that seems designed for dimly lit clubs when the punters care about nothing but dancing the night away. Amidst all the growling basslines and hypnotic beats is a little hint of 80s SynthPop via half heard melodies and gently crescendoing keys. Overall the track is a moody tune, lost in dance and not to be interrupted. The way you dance is probably beyond your control of the DJ drops this one.

Clancy – The Way You Dance

Clancy’s The Way You Dance is out now, pick it up here.

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[MP3] Clancy’s ‘All Just In My Mind’



Premiering on The Magician’s Magic Tape 31 this month Clancy, All Just In My Mind is the latest n what seems like is becoming a monthly event. Which is pretty awesome, we’re starting to look forward to the end of the month when Clancy delivers the Deep House goods. Of course, now we’ve said that we’ve jinxed it. There’ll be no new track next month..or will there? No pressure Rich.

OK, hands up who remembers Clancy when he was the UK’s big Dreamwave hope? Now his transition to the dark side is complete (the dark side being slick Chicago House BTW). And we couldn’t be happier with the transition, Rich is a master at what he does and with All Just In My Mind he brings these two big fat and funky basslines that intertwine with each other to produce the most amazing, driving, groove, over which is laid a hypnotic vocal sample and a dreamlike breakdown. There’s not a sniff of Disco here, Clancy’s looking forward, not back.

Clancy – All Just In My Mind

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[MP3] Clancy’s ‘Sleepless Nights’


Clancy’s on a roll right now. This time last month he delivered the Chicago House jam, How To Hold On To You, which is still being played round these parts, and this month he’s dropping another free tune. Now well and truly on the House tip, Clancy bring it smooth House for Sleepless Nights, a dance tune for insomniacs.

Sleepless Nights has got that deep, soulful, House vibe that you associate with late nights, hot summers and soft focus early 90s videos. Lavish low bass and synths rub shoulders with a groovy electric piano and the vocal sample fading in and out of the track list a ghost. A true midnight tune, this one is for that magical point in the night when the world holds it;s breath and you loose yourself in the music.

Clancy – Sleepless Nights

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[MP3] Clancy’s ‘How To Hold On To You’


The one and only Clancy’s back in the production hot seat with a brand new track. We always tend to love it when this dude drops a new track, and so far he hasn’t disappointed. His new tune, How To Hold On To You, can be added to the ‘hasn’t disappointed yet’ pile.

How To Hold On To You continues on Clancy journey from Dreamwave hero, to Nu-Disco groover, to House jackmaster. This one’s all about pulsating deep basses, infectious piano riffs and snatches of diva vocals. Soundtracking a late 80s Chicago warehouse, How To Hold On To You, rises and falls with swells of emotion as to hooks you in and keeps you entranced until the end. It’s track like this that make us glad the Chicago House sound came back.

Clancy – How To Hold On To You

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beaumont’s ‘Vampire’ reMixes


Well, this came as a bit of surprise. After months and months holed up with canned food and an impressive arsenal of firearms (we imagine), our boy beaumont has finally poked his head above ground just long enough to throw a couple of musical grenades our way. It seems that whist in self imposed exile he’s actually been getting his groove on with New York based singer Elle Pierre for what sound like it;s going to be a massive single.

It’s called Vampire, and right now we have reMixes from England’s finest Clancy and Detroit rocker BeatLoaf. Clancy delivers a slick-as-hell House tune. Everything about Clancy’s version is really warm and enveloping. Rich bass and subtle organ give this mix it’s base leaving loads of room for the Italo-esque arpeggios and the breezy piano hook. With a contemporary Disco production, but a nostalgic mid-9-0s House vibe, Clancy’s mix is a dream in the headphones. BeatLoaf keeps the original’s vocals more intact and works the track into a smooth dance track with an R&B flavour.  What starts off with a grinding urban beat ends up a sweeping House track before dropping back into something more ecclectic. This has definitely whetted out appetites for new material from beaumont.

♫ beaumont (Feat. Elle Pierre) – Vampire (Clancy’s Super-Noir reMix)

♫ beaumont (Feat. Elle Pierre) – Vampire (BeatLoaf reMix)

Vampire is released…at some point. Stay tuned.

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Clancy reMixes Little Dragon

Little Dragon

Break out the big synths, Clancy is back with a brand new, and deep as hell, reMix of Little Dragon’s Little Man. Rich has been working on it for a few months now, constantly tweaking like a mad musical professor, and now he’s ready to share it with the world. We’re definitely likes the progression Clancy is making as he glides from big beach-party Dreamwave tunes, to something a bit deeper, a bit more ‘90’s, as he hasn’t left behind his retro synth stylings, just folded them into a different sound, and the result is always rad.

This mix of Little Dragon rides on a deep hypnotic groove and mood setting organs. Yukimi’s vocals sound so much more soulful in Clancy’s hands, I’d even go so far as to say the beginning to take on an almost Gospel tone,  as he creates a gently building track, full of subtly increasing layers washing over a thick synth bassline. It’s a true rapturous House track.

Little Dragon – Little Man (Clancy’s Deep Haze reMix)

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Clancy’s new tune


Rich Clancy is the cream of the crop when to comes to UK Dreamwave producers. I don’t think he’s  ever put out a track he haven’t loved, and although his tunes are too few and far between, when they come around it always brightens out day. He just dropped a new tune, Make Up, for free, so consider our day brightened.

Make Up is probably the most House thing Clancy has done to date. Rolling a deep 90’s House sound into his lush synthed Nu-Disco Clancy pulls off a hot, sweaty, late night vibe that draws you in with it’s digital bass grove and lifts you up on bright leads. The main hook is punctuated with a thick retro sound that gives the track a classic dance tune feel while, with the space use of the vocal sample and laid back Balearic percussion added to the mix, Make Up is pretty timeless dance music. Classy as hell.

Clancy – Make Up

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Clancy’s new single


It’s always a good day when something pops-up to tell you you’ve got mail from Rich Clancy, he always brings us the very best Dreamwave and Nu-Disco. But here’s we are with his new single, ‘Lightbox’ and it seems that the man has shrugged the Dreamwave and Nu-Disco aside, for this release at least, in favour of something altogether deeper, something more Housey.

And it works for him, not that his production chops were ever in doubt, and going back to his last release, the chilled ‘Bring You Joy’ a few months ago, you can kinda’ see the Disco to House progression occurring. So what does ‘Lightbox’ hold? Well, it’s a classic dance track, we’re definitely hearing elements of early ‘90’s House in there, it’s got a very Orbital sunrise feel to it. It’s an intricately crafter tune, with many layers going on, all of which sit together effortlessly and it’s probably the best thing we’ve heard this year on the blissed out House tip. If Clancy is releasing a string of singles over the summer the this summer could end up being extremely chilled and pretty euphoric,

♫ Clancy – Lightbox

Clancy’s ‘Lightbox’ is released 11th June on SuperNoir Records

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Clancy’s new tune


Clancy’s releases are too few and far between. We presume that’s because he is crafting each tune to be as perfect or possible, that or he’s just really really busy. Either way it’s a shame as he’s easily one of the best Dreamwavey/Nu-Discoy producers around today.

His new tune, ‘Bringing You Joy’ is a like the sunset’s shimmering haze as it disappears over the horizon in musical form. Dreamlike and majestic, ‘Bringing You Joy’ washes over you with it’s huge, majestic, chords, Italo bassline and sparse beats. The big trick here, though, is the production, how the vocal samples blend into the track like waves rolling against a shore. A more chilled and introspective affair than we are used to from Clancy, and a less retro synth one too, but a welcome one nonetheless showing there is more than one string to Clancy’s bow.

Clancy – Bringing You Joy

Clancy’s ‘Panther’ EP is out now.

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Shelby Grey’s new single

shelby grey

Taken from his fantastic album of last year, ‘Chains Of Love’ is Shelby Grey’s new single, released next Monday (the day for awesome releases!!!) by ‘the ever-awesome Holographic People’.

‘Chains Of Love’ is the amazing Balearic Acid Space Disco musical journey that graced the ‘The Music Is On His Side’ album and one of the tracks that made that record uncategorizable. This is a track with a Mediterranean beach vibe that works perfectly in synth with Acid burbling. Both relaxing and exciting ‘Chains Of Love’ is one of those tracks that shows off what a talent Shelby Grey is. The reMix package come loaded with fine work, chief amongst them is Clancy’s standout take on the track, bringing his Disco fuelled Dreamwave flavour to the single. With an absolutely massive Italo bassline, Clancy completely commands the track, letting waves and waves of lush retro synth wash over it. Vicknoise take a different approach, with a hypnotic slow building track who’s machine like order belies an optimistic soul.

♫ Shelby Grey (Feat. Wallace & Guzman) – Chains of Love

♫ Shelby Grey (Feat. Wallace & Guzman) – Chains of Love (Clancy Rework)

♫ Shelby Grey (Feat. Wallace & Guzman) – Chains of  Love Vicknoise reMix)

‘Chains Of Love’ is released Monday and also features a reMix from Hal Incandenza, the new alter ego of Henry Saiz.

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