[MP3] Clancy’s ‘All Just In My Mind’



Premiering on The Magician’s Magic Tape 31 this month Clancy, All Just In My Mind is the latest n what seems like is becoming a monthly event. Which is pretty awesome, we’re starting to look forward to the end of the month when Clancy delivers the Deep House goods. Of course, now we’ve said that we’ve jinxed it. There’ll be no new track next month..or will there? No pressure Rich.

OK, hands up who remembers Clancy when he was the UK’s big Dreamwave hope? Now his transition to the dark side is complete (the dark side being slick Chicago House BTW). And we couldn’t be happier with the transition, Rich is a master at what he does and with All Just In My Mind he brings these two big fat and funky basslines that intertwine with each other to produce the most amazing, driving, groove, over which is laid a hypnotic vocal sample and a dreamlike breakdown. There’s not a sniff of Disco here, Clancy’s looking forward, not back.

Clancy – All Just In My Mind

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