Clancy’s new tune


Rich Clancy is the cream of the crop when to comes to UK Dreamwave producers. I don’t think he’s  ever put out a track he haven’t loved, and although his tunes are too few and far between, when they come around it always brightens out day. He just dropped a new tune, Make Up, for free, so consider our day brightened.

Make Up is probably the most House thing Clancy has done to date. Rolling a deep 90’s House sound into his lush synthed Nu-Disco Clancy pulls off a hot, sweaty, late night vibe that draws you in with it’s digital bass grove and lifts you up on bright leads. The main hook is punctuated with a thick retro sound that gives the track a classic dance tune feel while, with the space use of the vocal sample and laid back Balearic percussion added to the mix, Make Up is pretty timeless dance music. Classy as hell.

Clancy – Make Up

Buy Clancy’s music from:

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