[Audio] BeatLoaf’s ‘Texas Benchmark’



Y’know what we love about BeatLoaf? The Detroit based producer isn’t scared of making music. The man has got his groove, and it’s a groove seeped in the history of dance music, but he’s not afraid to experiment either, to think outside the musical box. While his tracks are unequivocally House floorfillers, he spices them up with hints of Detroit Techno, Electro, PowerNoise, Berlin sounds and SynthPop; all the time keeping things funky.

BeatLoaf has released a string of fresh single over the past few years, each one bringing new surprises to his robotic dancefloor sound, not least with last years mechanical monster Romantic, and this year he releases his latest robust beats in the forms of the intriguingly named Texas Benchmark; due out tomorrow.

Texas Benchmark bristles with shuffling electronic percussion and in terms of overall tone feels very much like a spiritual sibling to Romantic. Those slowly building beats and the occasional snatched of hollow synth bass before the riff fully drops are reminiscent of the tension that Romantic built. Texas Benchmark, however, has an almost playful, magical quality provided by effervescent and sparkling melodies that intertwine themselves throughout the track.

These shimmering and intoxicating hooks dance around your brain, taking control of the track. Weaving in and out of this techy House jam giving it a kinetic sense of narrative. Fat beats to take you on a journey. Toy-town synths telling the story.

Equally fit for headphones or dancefloor, Texas Benchmark is one to forget the world for seven minutes and let BeatLoaf do the driving.

The single is released 8th March via trill.wav

♫ BeatLoaf – Texas Benchmark

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[Audio] BeatLoaf’s ‘Romantic’



Here’s the new one from the man like BeatLoaf. The Detroit based Electro producer always delivers both the funky and the innovative in his tunes, and this new ecclectic track is no different. Romantic really serves up an electronic journey over it’s six minutes, drawing you into it’s synthetic soundscape. Watch out for the House, it does turn up! Check it out.

Tasking it’s time to evolve and draw you in. Romantic rides waves of robotic audio; layering and undulating modulated vocals to create a machine atmosphere that lulls you into a false sense of security before hitting you with the House bassline. The whole track is very Detroit, bringing to mind a Housier version of Cybotron. Involving stuff.

♫ BeatLoaf – Romantic

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[Download] BeatLoaf’s ‘Saint’



Fancy seven minutes of intricate and ecclectic Dance music? Well look no further, here’s a new one from Detroit producer BeatLoaf. We last saw BeatLoaf reMixing our very own beaumont’s Vampire, and he;s keeping up the good work with this genre spanning electronic epic.

Saint eases you in gently with warm tones and gradually evolving melodies. When the track kicks-in you’re treated to a symphony of meticulously crated rhythms, an appealing House bassline and undulating R&B vocals that work together to deliver an involving synthetic dream. Half dark and moody, half playful and carnival-like, Saint is both an interesting listening experience and a shuffling dancefloor mover. Good stuff.

BeatLoaf – Saint

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beaumont’s ‘Vampire’ reMixes


Well, this came as a bit of surprise. After months and months holed up with canned food and an impressive arsenal of firearms (we imagine), our boy beaumont has finally poked his head above ground just long enough to throw a couple of musical grenades our way. It seems that whist in self imposed exile he’s actually been getting his groove on with New York based singer Elle Pierre for what sound like it;s going to be a massive single.

It’s called Vampire, and right now we have reMixes from England’s finest Clancy and Detroit rocker BeatLoaf. Clancy delivers a slick-as-hell House tune. Everything about Clancy’s version is really warm and enveloping. Rich bass and subtle organ give this mix it’s base leaving loads of room for the Italo-esque arpeggios and the breezy piano hook. With a contemporary Disco production, but a nostalgic mid-9-0s House vibe, Clancy’s mix is a dream in the headphones. BeatLoaf keeps the original’s vocals more intact and works the track into a smooth dance track with an R&B flavour.  What starts off with a grinding urban beat ends up a sweeping House track before dropping back into something more ecclectic. This has definitely whetted out appetites for new material from beaumont.

♫ beaumont (Feat. Elle Pierre) – Vampire (Clancy’s Super-Noir reMix)

♫ beaumont (Feat. Elle Pierre) – Vampire (BeatLoaf reMix)

Vampire is released…at some point. Stay tuned.

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