[MP3] Clancy’s ‘The Way You Dance’



One of the UK’s finest producers Clancy has bust out a new tune. Having effortlessly migrated from Dreamwave to Nu-Disco to House, and taking all of those experiences and influences with him, he;s really at the top of his game. His new single, The Way You Dance, (which he’s dropped for free BTW) is another one that should go straight in your crate.

This one’s all about deep, heavy grooves. A bass powered juggernaut that seems designed for dimly lit clubs when the punters care about nothing but dancing the night away. Amidst all the growling basslines and hypnotic beats is a little hint of 80s SynthPop via half heard melodies and gently crescendoing keys. Overall the track is a moody tune, lost in dance and not to be interrupted. The way you dance is probably beyond your control of the DJ drops this one.

Clancy – The Way You Dance

Clancy’s The Way You Dance is out now, pick it up here.

Buy Clancy’s music from:

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