[MP3] Clancy’s ‘Sleepless Nights’


Clancy’s on a roll right now. This time last month he delivered the Chicago House jam, How To Hold On To You, which is still being played round these parts, and this month he’s dropping another free tune. Now well and truly on the House tip, Clancy bring it smooth House for Sleepless Nights, a dance tune for insomniacs.

Sleepless Nights has got that deep, soulful, House vibe that you associate with late nights, hot summers and soft focus early 90s videos. Lavish low bass and synths rub shoulders with a groovy electric piano and the vocal sample fading in and out of the track list a ghost. A true midnight tune, this one is for that magical point in the night when the world holds it;s breath and you loose yourself in the music.

Clancy – Sleepless Nights

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