beaumont’s ‘Vampire’ reMixes


Well, this came as a bit of surprise. After months and months holed up with canned food and an impressive arsenal of firearms (we imagine), our boy beaumont has finally poked his head above ground just long enough to throw a couple of musical grenades our way. It seems that whist in self imposed exile he’s actually been getting his groove on with New York based singer Elle Pierre for what sound like it;s going to be a massive single.

It’s called Vampire, and right now we have reMixes from England’s finest Clancy and Detroit rocker BeatLoaf. Clancy delivers a slick-as-hell House tune. Everything about Clancy’s version is really warm and enveloping. Rich bass and subtle organ give this mix it’s base leaving loads of room for the Italo-esque arpeggios and the breezy piano hook. With a contemporary Disco production, but a nostalgic mid-9-0s House vibe, Clancy’s mix is a dream in the headphones. BeatLoaf keeps the original’s vocals more intact and works the track into a smooth dance track with an R&B flavour.  What starts off with a grinding urban beat ends up a sweeping House track before dropping back into something more ecclectic. This has definitely whetted out appetites for new material from beaumont.

♫ beaumont (Feat. Elle Pierre) – Vampire (Clancy’s Super-Noir reMix)

♫ beaumont (Feat. Elle Pierre) – Vampire (BeatLoaf reMix)

Vampire is released…at some point. Stay tuned.

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