Clancy’s new tune


Clancy’s releases are too few and far between. We presume that’s because he is crafting each tune to be as perfect or possible, that or he’s just really really busy. Either way it’s a shame as he’s easily one of the best Dreamwavey/Nu-Discoy producers around today.

His new tune, ‘Bringing You Joy’ is a like the sunset’s shimmering haze as it disappears over the horizon in musical form. Dreamlike and majestic, ‘Bringing You Joy’ washes over you with it’s huge, majestic, chords, Italo bassline and sparse beats. The big trick here, though, is the production, how the vocal samples blend into the track like waves rolling against a shore. A more chilled and introspective affair than we are used to from Clancy, and a less retro synth one too, but a welcome one nonetheless showing there is more than one string to Clancy’s bow.

Clancy – Bringing You Joy

Clancy’s ‘Panther’ EP is out now.

Buy Clancy’s music from:


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