Arcadis’ ‘London Lights’ EP


Nu-Disco label Pole Position Recordings latest release come from German producer Arcadis who drops an awesome collection of  blissed out Urban Disco tunes. Soft focus Funk for hot nights in the city. Having impressed earlier this year with some dreamy Nu-Disco jams, it’s time for this German producer to show his mettle on the EP front.

The EP kicks off with it;s title track, and in our opinion the releases highlight. London Lights is a pumping slice of Nu-Disco. Hazy vocals drift across a sea of funky bass, hypnotic arpeggios and stabbing House piano, all with the kind of inner-city cool that only comes naturally. Elsewhere on the EP you’ll find Hidden Sunset, a sunrise Disco tune with nothing but laid back good times on it’s mind. It’s a track with a slightly different sound to it’s contemporaries due to a kind of machine element to the rhythm,  which gives the format a nice twist. Lazuli & Viper Strike whip up the track Waitress, into a summery Tropical festival jam, full of wood blocks and squelchy bass. the original of Waitress isn’t actually on the EP, but Pole Position have made it available for download, it’s a big pumping synth disco tune, that is slightly more ElectroPop than the others on the release, but makes a nice companion to the EP. Alongside these tracks on London Lights, you’ll find the slow-jam of Lost Days and a soaring SynthWave reMix from Silver Disco. Another fine release from the Pole Position people.

♫ Arcadis – London Lights

♫ Arcadis – Hidden Sunset

♫ Arcadis – Waitress (Lazuli & Viper Strike reMix)

Arcadis – Waitress (Original Mix)

Arcadis’ London Lights EP is out now.

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Tempogeist’s ‘Transatlantic’ EP


Transatlantic is the new EP from Belgian Disco duo Tempogeist. Out now on Shiny Disco Club the EP contains three original tracks and a host of reMixes by some of the best talent around. It’s a release chock full of big synth Boogie and smooth Disco sounds.

We Need Lovers is a slick late-night jam. With an effortless cool Tempogeist lay down right vintage synth sounds and a laid back Disco vibe. The track is complimented with a velvet male vocal and some gentle female MCing with an early Bronx feel. That feel is carried over into Romeo, which is the EPs highlight for us. A solid Boogie track with a sing-song old school rap that just flows with the track so well. a laid back party starter. Hold On picks up the pack a little and moves proceedings into a more DiscoPop territory, layering Tempogeist’s wickedly silky vintage Disco sounds with a catchy upbeat vocal. this track gets the bulk of the remix treatment, with work from Prometones, Rogue Vogue and this track from Germany’s Satin Jackets, who deliver a squelchy bassed slab of electronic funk.  Also available, but not on the EP, is this version of Romeo from Swedish SynthWavers Monitor 66. their take on the tune adds severe amounts of piano and space, but interesting use of the vocals to create a spacey and melodic House track.

♫ Tempogeist (Feat. Nidia) – We Need Lovers

♫ Tempogeist (Feat. Lisa Dank) – Romeo

♫ Tempogeist (Feat. Samuel) – Hold On

Tempogeist (Feat. Lisa Dank) – Romeo (Monitor 66 reMix)

♫ Tempogeist (Feat. Samuel) – Hold On (Satin Jackets reMix)

Tempogeist’s Transatlantic is out now.

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MiGHty mOUse’s October Mixtape

MiGHty mOUse

MiGHty mOUse – October 2012 Mixtape = As we slip for the warmth of summer into the chills of winter (apparently Autumn doesn’t exist any more), shake off those rainy blues with the new mixtape from London’s purveyor of good times, MiGHty mOUse. This month the man has collected and hour of deep, cosmic, and down-right butt shaking Disco tunes for your dancing pleasure.

MiGHty mOUse – October 2012 Mixtape

The tracklist:

01. System Of Survival – Crash What
02. Dimitri From Paris & Los Amigos Invisibles – Glad To Know (Ray Mang’s Flying Dub)
03. Roland Clark, Andre Crom, Martin Dawson – Back To The Future (Monte reMix)
04. Prince Adam – Tomorrow
05. Zombies In Miami – Take My Mind
06. Affkt – Aoub
07. Go Wolf – Voices (Bubba’s Speechless reMix)
08. Christian Burkhardt – Delight (Original Mix)
09. David Garfit – Tonight (Nathan Swiss reMix)
10. Beckers – Free Your Mind (Original Mix)
11. Bat For Lashes – All Your Gold (Hercules And Love Affair reMix)

MiGHty mOUse’s ‘Disco Battle Weapons (Volume 2) is out now on Cheap Thrills

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The Penelopes’ October chart mix

The Penelopes

The Penelopes – The Penelopes’ Charts October 2012 = There’s a stellar line-up on London based French ElectroPop duo The Penelopes’ mixtape this month. Everything from the Boogie of Casio Social Club, to the hard Disco of Blende, to the Minimal Synth of The Soft Moon. Something for everyone!

♫ The Penelopes – The Penelopes’ Charts October 2012

The tracklist:

01. Child Actor- If You Loved Me
02. Letting Up Despite Great Faults – Bulletproof Girl
03. Mayer Hawthorne – No Strings (RAC reMix)
04. Saint Lou Lou: Maybe You (Good Night Keaton reMix)
05. Kisses – Funny Heartbeat (Poindexter reMix) Vs. Saint Lou Lou (The Penelopes Version)
06. Casio Social Club – Discokicks (Radio Edit)
07. Strange Talk – Cast Away (Plastic Plates reMix)
08. Blende – Fake Love (Original Mix)
09. Michael Mayer – Good Times (Smartphone Version)
10. Wild Nothing – Paradise
11. The Soft Moon – Insides
12. Night Terrors Of 1927 – Watch The World Go Dark
13. Excellent Birds – Ghost Dance (Patti Smith Cover)

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Holy Ghost!’s new single!

Holy Ghost!

We were teased it the other day, but now here it is in full. It’s the long awaited new single from New York Indie-Disco Holy Ghost!! That deserved two exclamation marks, one for Holy Ghost!’s name and one…well…just to exclaim.

It Gets Dark is the first taste we have of the duo’s forthcoming second album. After the greatness that was Holy Ghost!’s début record, 2011’s self titled album, we were pretty nervous about new material, all out fears have been cast aside though, as It Get Dark doesn’t disappoint. Raw synths, a slick Indie vibe with a slightly Housey chorus and that live New York disco sound that DFA are so known for. This is what we wanted from Holy Ghost!, full of vintage synth burbling and an anthemic chorus. The new album can;t come fast enough.

♫ Holy Ghost! – It Gets Dark

Holy Ghost!’s It Gets Dark is released today on DFA.

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NV’s ‘Alright’ edited by Slow It Down & Elijah Collins

Elijah Collins

One of out favourite purveyors of Boogie, Elijah Collins has teamed up with Glaswegian Disco double-act Slow It Down for this brand new single, or double A-side more like. Alright and I Don’t Need are two huge chunks of retro Disco featuring some particularly groove laden synths.

Alright isn’t really Slow It Down & Elijah Collins’ tune, it’s actually quite a light edit of NV’s classic ‘Alright’ from 1983, but that doesn’t stop it being an Italo tinged Disco beast. The track has a killer synth bassline, it totally dominates the track, aside from snatches of the original’s vocals. Not a lot has been changed from the original, a stronger beat, sections of that pumping bassline stretched out, but generally it’s a slick, dancefloor oriented extended mix of the track. On the B-side, Cherelle’s 1989 hit Affair gets a similarly breezy editing for I Don’t Need. With most of the original intact but that heavy bassline drawn out into extended bridge sections and some occasional filtering. It’s a dancefloor monster to be sure. this is how to do Disco edits right, people take note. It’s a little odd that they are being sold as originals, but that doesn’t detract from some huge Electro Bogie on offer.

♫ Slow It Down & Elijah Collins – Alright

♫ Slow It Down & Elijah Collins – I Don’t Need

Slow It Down & Elijah Collins Alright EP is released 5th November as a Juno exclusive with an October 12” release preceding it.

Check out more from Slow It Down & Elijah Collins on SoundCloud.

Viceroy reMixes Brett


Brett is a new outfit who have hooked up with DubFrequency to release their début  double A-side single, Confidence/Kate Moss, this month. The Washington DC band has enlisted the skills of San Francesco’s finest Viceroy to give the track a Disco workout, and that’s not all Viceroy has been up to these days.

Confidence is a summery, live sounding, Pop tune with a Tropical Disco overtone, Viceroy takes that beach Disco vibe and runs with it, layering some driving synth arpeggios and smooth keys and just flow along with Brett’s slick vocal. Bringing in a little House piano in the chorus lifts the track up in sections as Viceroy brings out the real fun in this tune and makes it a soundtrack for good times.

♫ Brett – Confidence (Viceroy reMix)

♫ Brett – Confidence

While we’re on the subject of Viceroy, check out this reMix he cooked up for Australian vintage Disco-meister DCup. Viceroy’s take on DCup’s new single, I’m Corrupt is a great, summery Disco tune that gives Viceroy a wealth of instrumentation to play with, And he does with style. Enjoy, just try not to look out the window.

DCup – I’m Corrupt (Viceroy reMix)

Brett’s Confidence/Kate Moss single is released 30th October

Check out more from Brett on SoundCloud.

Cyclist’s October Bikeride Mixtape’ + new reMix


Cyclist – October Bikeride Mixtape = One of the real talents of the Toronto Disco and House scene, Cyclist has dropped a brand new mixtape that’s loaded with smooth grooves. Rocking some of the best Disco around, from retro to cosmic in one slick mix. There even some love for the Bedmo boys in there too!

Cyclist – October Bikeride Mixtape

The tracklist:

01. John Davis & The Monster Orchestra – Up Jumped The Devil (6th Borough Project reMix)
02. Los Charly Orchestra – Feeling High (Juan Laya & Jorge Montiel Re Edit)
03. Walls – Gaberdine (Gerd Janson & Prins Thomas reMix)
04. Manuel Tur – Back To You (Dublin Aunts Love To Love Her Edit)
05. Hemingway – Ace Neptune (Cyclist reMix)
06. Los Amigos Invisibles & Dimitri From Paris – Glad To Know You (Ray Mang’s Flying Dub)
07. Adrian Giordano – Lost In Rome (Dicky Trisco’s Lost In Dance reMix)
08. Bedmo Disco – Startime
09. Moullinex – Kassette
10. Chewy Rubs – In The Middle
11. Andre Vii – Discoteca Clandestina (Bufi reMix)
12. Dave Nash – Lifetime (Original Mix)
13. Recloose – Don’t Get Me Wrong
14. Chaala – The Reason (Garrett David Mix)

While you’re here, check out this reMix of The InformationsLion’s Hand Cyclist has whipped up for their forthcoming single. Already getting support from the likes of  Fake Blood, Gigamesh, RAC, The C90s and Cassian it’s a deep Disco track, with a raw Funk to it that, plays nicely against the almost ethereal vocals. It’s constantly evolving analog groove is a hypnotising experience.

♫ The Informations – Lion’s Hand (Cyclist reMix)

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All Night Shoes’ ‘Hello Jupiter’

All Night Shoes

Here’s a new slice of laid back late night Funk from Californian producer All Night Shoes. Eschewing his LA beach-party Disco sound for something a little more organic sounding, he new tune, Hello Jupiter, has got more of an urban Jazz Funk feel to it.

With a played sounding beat and some Jazzy instrumentation, this vocal sample fuelled track sets itself apart from the pack with some really interesting use of sounds and samples. there’s something raw about the production, like garage Disco, that gives the track a kind of live energy which is pretty compelling. All Night Shoes productions are coming on in leaps and bounds, we look forward to more.

♫ All Night Shoes – Hello Jupiter

Hello Jupiter is released 11th October.

Check out more from All Night Shoes on SoundCloud.

DiscoSocks’ ‘Motivation’


Did someone order a big slab of actual Disco? Well MofoHiFi sister label Heavy Disco have snapped up London groovemeister DiscoSocks to bring you just what you want. And, man, does he deliver. Keep it locked for some insanely infectious Disco action.

Motivation is a huge feel-good tune. Layered thick with slap bass, a catchy hook and a big horn section. This track is just all about the dancefloor, nothing more nothing less, and what more is needed? DiscoSocks’ crazy bass playing give the track it’s heart, literally flying through the track, whist all around it horn stabs and snatches of big diva vocals provide an uplifting groove that is just irresistible. This is Disco.

DiscoSocks – Motivation (Radio Edit)

DiscoSocks’ Motivation is released 8th October.

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