[MP3] All Night Shoes’ ‘Like This’


All Night Shoes

American Dreamwave/Nu-Disco producer All Night Shoes is making forays into DiscoPop and Chillwave with his new tune, Like This. Branching out from his Nu-Disco sound, All Night Shoes plays around with new elements and new tempos with this tune, including some pretty slick vocals to create a different mood altogether from his usual output.

Laid back in it’s approach, and it’s BPM, Like This weaves bits of Chillwave and ElectroPop into a poolside Disco groove. As with his last tune we featured, the Jazzy Hello Jupiter, All Night Shoes isn’t afraid to think outside the box but manages to contain all this experimentation inside a neat Pop structure, making Like This both interesting and accessible. One for lazy summer nights.

All Night Shoes – Like This

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All Night Shoes’ ‘Hello Jupiter’

All Night Shoes

Here’s a new slice of laid back late night Funk from Californian producer All Night Shoes. Eschewing his LA beach-party Disco sound for something a little more organic sounding, he new tune, Hello Jupiter, has got more of an urban Jazz Funk feel to it.

With a played sounding beat and some Jazzy instrumentation, this vocal sample fuelled track sets itself apart from the pack with some really interesting use of sounds and samples. there’s something raw about the production, like garage Disco, that gives the track a kind of live energy which is pretty compelling. All Night Shoes productions are coming on in leaps and bounds, we look forward to more.

♫ All Night Shoes – Hello Jupiter

Hello Jupiter is released 11th October.

Check out more from All Night Shoes on SoundCloud.

All Night Shoes

All Night Shoes

All Night Shoes is a brand new artist from California whose released a few reMixes in the last six months. Unsurprisingly, ailing from California, All Night Shoes has gone down the Dreamwave/Nu-Disco. His new original track ‘Let U Go’ is awash with lush synths and cool vibes.

All Night Shoes sound is a little rough round the edges, the production need a little work, but he’s picked up the Dreamwave flavour nicely. ‘Let U Go’ show a lot of promise with it’s rolling bassline and big thick ‘80’s synths. It;s a driving track that captures enough of the LA beach vibe and mixes it some a harder elements to produce something quite unique. I think All Night Shoes needs to spend a bit of time working on the production, and on some his patch programming, but on the whole it’s a nice début and one which makes All Night Shoes a name we will be keeping an eye on.

All Night Shoes – Let U Go (Original Mix)

Check out more from All Night Shoes on SoundCloud.