Tempogeist’s ‘Transatlantic’ EP


Transatlantic is the new EP from Belgian Disco duo Tempogeist. Out now on Shiny Disco Club the EP contains three original tracks and a host of reMixes by some of the best talent around. It’s a release chock full of big synth Boogie and smooth Disco sounds.

We Need Lovers is a slick late-night jam. With an effortless cool Tempogeist lay down right vintage synth sounds and a laid back Disco vibe. The track is complimented with a velvet male vocal and some gentle female MCing with an early Bronx feel. That feel is carried over into Romeo, which is the EPs highlight for us. A solid Boogie track with a sing-song old school rap that just flows with the track so well. a laid back party starter. Hold On picks up the pack a little and moves proceedings into a more DiscoPop territory, layering Tempogeist’s wickedly silky vintage Disco sounds with a catchy upbeat vocal. this track gets the bulk of the remix treatment, with work from Prometones, Rogue Vogue and this track from Germany’s Satin Jackets, who deliver a squelchy bassed slab of electronic funk.  Also available, but not on the EP, is this version of Romeo from Swedish SynthWavers Monitor 66. their take on the tune adds severe amounts of piano and space, but interesting use of the vocals to create a spacey and melodic House track.

♫ Tempogeist (Feat. Nidia) – We Need Lovers

♫ Tempogeist (Feat. Lisa Dank) – Romeo

♫ Tempogeist (Feat. Samuel) – Hold On

Tempogeist (Feat. Lisa Dank) – Romeo (Monitor 66 reMix)

♫ Tempogeist (Feat. Samuel) – Hold On (Satin Jackets reMix)

Tempogeist’s Transatlantic is out now.

Buy Tempogeist’s music from:


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