Elijah Collins & Slow It Down’s ‘I Don’t Need’ video

Elijah Collins & Slow It Down slight edit of Cherelle’s 1989 hit Affair, now titled I Don’t Need from their new four track edits EP, has hit the internet in video form.

Produced by Beaver & Beaver’s Ely Dagher, the clip plays up the vintage half of the track with some decidedly retro visuals.

Slow It Down & Elijah Collins’ Alright EP is out now.

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NV’s ‘Alright’ edited by Slow It Down & Elijah Collins

Elijah Collins

One of out favourite purveyors of Boogie, Elijah Collins has teamed up with Glaswegian Disco double-act Slow It Down for this brand new single, or double A-side more like. Alright and I Don’t Need are two huge chunks of retro Disco featuring some particularly groove laden synths.

Alright isn’t really Slow It Down & Elijah Collins’ tune, it’s actually quite a light edit of NV’s classic ‘Alright’ from 1983, but that doesn’t stop it being an Italo tinged Disco beast. The track has a killer synth bassline, it totally dominates the track, aside from snatches of the original’s vocals. Not a lot has been changed from the original, a stronger beat, sections of that pumping bassline stretched out, but generally it’s a slick, dancefloor oriented extended mix of the track. On the B-side, Cherelle’s 1989 hit Affair gets a similarly breezy editing for I Don’t Need. With most of the original intact but that heavy bassline drawn out into extended bridge sections and some occasional filtering. It’s a dancefloor monster to be sure. this is how to do Disco edits right, people take note. It’s a little odd that they are being sold as originals, but that doesn’t detract from some huge Electro Bogie on offer.

♫ Slow It Down & Elijah Collins – Alright

♫ Slow It Down & Elijah Collins – I Don’t Need

Slow It Down & Elijah Collins Alright EP is released 5th November as a Juno exclusive with an October 12” release preceding it.

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Casio Social Club & Elijah Collins reMix Tad Wily

Tad Willy

The track Garage Love originally appeared on London Funkster Tad Wily’s Right Fit EP on Mullet Records. Now the track is getting a reMix EP of it’s own, headed up by work from Mullet’s own Casio Social Club.

Casio Social Club’s Justin really brings the smooth boogie with this reMix. Whilst keeping it danceable in a robo-synth style, Casio Social Club wash the track in a slick and sexy laid back vibe. Warm vintage synth sounds drift over a choppy synth Funk bassline while stanches of subtly vocoded vocals ebb and flow around the track. It’s well and truly in Casio Social Clubs’ romantic Electro Boogie Disco style and would move any summer dancelfoor. Elijah Collins takes the track down dark, funky, Electro alleyways with ominous robot vocals and a deep groove that reminds us of a modern Cybotron. It’s a B-Boy boogie with a disco beat, the perfect combination.

♫ Tad Wily – Garage Love (Casio Social Club ‘Time After Time’ reMix)

♫ Tad Wily – Garage Love (Elijah Collins’ ‘Computer Love’ reMix)

Tad Wily’s Garage Love reMixed is released 2nd October on Juno, 16th October elsewhere.

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Black Strobe’s ‘Boogie In Zero Gravity’ EP

Black Strobe

Next week sees the release of Black Strobe’s Boogie In Zero Gravity EP. Having spent the last few months releasing some excellent tracks solo Arnaud Rebotini returns to the Black Strobe moniker as the sole surviving original member, and it seems he’s using Black Strobe to experiment and indulge in a new sound. Whilst the ElectroClash beats and seedy Disco synths that are Black Strobe’s trademark remain, we are also treated to an injection of Southern Blues.

Kinda’ building on 2007’s Burn Your Own Church, but with more swagger, and more soul and more electronics. Where as Burn Your Own Church was pretty much a straight up Rock album, Boogie In Zero Gravity is the sound of the deep south, if Moog’s were dead cheep in the down by the bayou. A mixture of soulful swamp Blues and Chicago House, Boogie In Zero Gravity, and it’s flip side White Gospel Blues are definitely unique, if nothing else. But also brilliantly atmospheric. The reMix package is pretty huge, alongside work from Jeremy Glenn with a brilliant man-machine track and and Drop Out Orchestra sweet laid back Disco (neither of which we’re allowed to play you more than 1m30s of, which isn’t worth bothering with really) is a mix from Elijah Collins, a man making a lot of waves recently. He delivers an atmospheric space Disco track. Slightly brooding and very electronic, Collins brings a different side to the Blues. Fellow Blackstrobe Records producer Museum provides a bonus mix which again, retains the Bluesy fell, but channels that through a vintage synth machine that spits out a pulsating analog workout.

♫ Black Strobe – Boogie In Zero Gravity (Extended Version)

Black Strobe – White Gospel Blues (Museum reMix)

♫ Black Strobe – Boogie In Zero Gravity (Elijah Collins reMix)

The Boogie In Zero Gravity EP is out 16th July.

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