[Audio] Kid Kasio’s ‘Sit And Wait’ album


Kid Kasio

Kid Kasio is the most 80s person on the planet. Nathan Cooper lives and breathes the decade in a way that even the staunchest nostalgia-ist doesn’t. His music, as we’ve said before, is one of the some of the only truly authentic sounding 80s Pop being made today. Oh sure there are, and have been, many scenes that claimed ownership of the 80s bloodline; the Modern SynthPop Movement, with it’s simplistic digital beats and Industrial leanings always sounded too 90s, ElectroClash felt more like a parody that a mirror and Synthwave, despite professing the be the 80s scene, owes too much to late 90s Euphoric Trance to sound truly of the decade. All those scenes were awesome in their own right, but for songs, sounds and a look that could have genuinely stepped right out of a mid-80s episode of Top Of The Pops Kid Kasio is your man.

Nathan Cooper first came to SynthPop prominence as the driving force behind acclaimed (and rotatingly named) The Modern/Dirty Blonde/ Matinée Club in the early 2000’s, but it has been his solo output where he has really come into his own. The Modern’s big brand of vintage flavoured Indie-Electro was a show stopper at the time, nevertheless it’s since parting ways that Kid Kasio has truly been able to revel in his obsession with the 80s. From the preciseness of his DIY music videos, that recreate visual styles from the era with eerie accuracy, to the artwork, to how Nathan presents himself; the man is the pure embodiment of the 80s.

It’s been four years since Kid Kasio’s début album, Kasiotone; and this, his sophomore album, has has been a long (and sometimes troubled, not least the fact that the video for lead single, The Kodo Song, took two years to finish) journey. The final result, Sit And Wait, was well worth the wait. Blending a few of the singles we’ve been treated to over the past couple of years with a whole host of new tracks, Sit And Wait serves as a tidy follow up to Nathan’s impressive début.

Speaking of The Kodo Song, that’s how the album kicks off . The comradery anthem, with it’s sing-a-long chorus and uplifting, have on the rhythm, soundtrack is best place here. Slightly sad themes aside, The Kodo Song is a great way to introduce people to the album. A slicker representation of the 80s than found on Kasiotone, The Kodo Song is an immediate earworm to entice new listeners. 2014 single Letters Of Love is next, the first of a few tracks co-produced by The Sanfernando Sound. These guys are perfectly matched (we should know, we introduced them!). TSS’s slightly darker, more abrasive take on vintage electronics tempered by Nathan’s trademark catchy songwriting. Letters Of Love is one of our personal favourites on the album, bringing a European dancefloor Italo energy to Kid Kasio’s distinctly British retro Pop. Coursing basslines and shoulder shaking hooks pair up with Kasio’s epic vocal perfectly. Full Moon Blue has us grinning as Kid Kasio goes full Kershaw with a slice of digital Funk Pop. Building up FM slap bass and warbling synth brass in a soulful manner to underpin Nathan in heartfelt crooning mode Kasio delivers what might be the most 80s sounding track on a very 80s sounding album, and one we could listen to all day. Blood Red Skies is possibly one of the album’s only mis-steps. There’s something here that doesn’t quite gel. The song itself is really good, and catchy as hell, but the music just doesn’t work here. It’s that kind of ‘don’t quite get it’ attempt at Dance Music that people who don’t really know about Dance Music make. It’s not terrible, but it just isn’t of the same quality as the rest of the record. Along with One More Time, a similar cacophony of over compressed kick drums (because Dance Music!), this is the only point where the album falters, but The Story Of Kid Charlemagne’s intoxicating synthetic haze soon draws you back in. Not quite a ballad, but a mid-paced and involving hymn that draws you in with each piano note.

The album’s lead track, Sit And Wait, is a track we have a bit of history with. At one point to was going to be the second release on our record label (but we were let down by a whole bunch of people and it just unfortunately never happened) so we’re glad it sees the light of day here. Another The Sanfernando Sound collaboration, Sit And Wait is an energetic slice of ItaloPop with a wry sense of humour lyrically.

There’s a couple of tracks on Sit And Wait co-produced with Kal-Q-Lus. Both One Chance and Human Beings make for a nice aside to the strictly 80s SynthPop sound found elsewhere. While still keeping it retro, both of these track play around with B-Boy beats and an Electro Soul feel; the latter upping the atmosphere with some subtly used choir.

Drive (Some Kind Of Love) is Kid Kasio’s big soundtrack moment. An intense track that plays homage to the most motivational 80s movie themes. A dynamic and high-octane tune that could easily bust into the closing credits of any number of inspiring 80s movies. The Sanfernando Sound returns for the album closer, fitting title The End, a dark floorfiller that rounds off Sit And Wait on a wave of melancholic energy.

Kid Kasio has managed to turn in another must album for fans of 80s music. Despite a couple of wobbles, Sit And Wait is a highly recommended, solid album. Nathan truly is at the top of his game and has produced a record to rival many of his heroes.

♫ Kid Kasio & The Sanfernando Sound – Letters Of Love

♫ Kid Kasio – The Kodo Song

Kid Kasio’s Sit And Wait is out now.

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[Audio] Auxiliary Tha Masterfader’s ‘Disco Machine’ Italo reMixes



Back in June the Netherlands finest analog Disco merchant, Boogie DJ and all-round nice, smiley, fella; Auxiliary Tha Masterfader released the single Disco Machine. Disco Machine was his first release via Brixton dancefloor collective Nude Disco label arm. We said “Sounding authentically like an early 80s European dancefloor hit, Disco Machine sets up all the genre’s tropes for Aux to give them his own person spin. Synthesizer gold.” Did you hear that? Synthesizer GOLD!

Aux’s music is for people who love synthesizers, for people who love the history of European dance music; Italo, Boogie, Disco and beyond, and for people who from whom dance music is about more than the drop.  It’s music for those souls who can be taken to other planets, losing themselves in the robotic ebb and flow and the dancefloor. Aux is a man with a passionate love of vintage dance music and a hardware studio to be envious of; a killer combination.

This month Nude Disco released a companion to Disco Machine. It’s titled Disco Machine: Italo Edition. That’s pretty straightforward in terms of titling. This new release, as you’d expect unless you were painfully inept, featured four of the modern synthetic Disco scene’s brightest rising stars whipping up some mechanized Italo magic all over (the already quite Italo itself) Disco Machine. The Sanfernando Sound, Italo Brutalo, A Copycat and Rimini Rimmers all deliver pulsating reMixes of the track. Here’s a couple of fresh examples.

Manchester’s dark electronic overlord, The Sanfernando Sound serves up one of his special blends of classic EBM, mid 80s Italo and early Futurist SynthPop. Like that jacket you’re wearing brings out the blur of your eyes, The Sanfernando Sound can bring out the ominous, aggressive side of a track; his reMix is a pounding Italo juggernaut. Built on rock solid beats and factory floor basslines, this reMix strikes a nice balance between industrial Funk and uplifting grace with an airy lead line, accompanying the original’s vocoding, that glides across the mechanized dancefloor backing.

Italo Brutalo’s reMix is, ironically, not as brutal as The San Fernando Sound’s. A shuffling and skippy affair, Brutalo plays with the original’s groove with a syncopated bassline and a bit of a Pet Shop Boys vibe. Intertwining springy and flanged synth bass and choppy arpeggios all come together in a complex mix that presents as a deceptively simple whole. Multiple layers of rippling electronics weave the tapestry of a mid-80s Mediterranean dancefloor smash. This tune almost makes you see in VHS video effects.

♫ Auxiliary Tha Masterfader – Disco Machine (The Sanfernando Sound reMix)

♫ Auxiliary Tha Masterfader – Disco Machine (Italo Brutalo reMix)

Auxiliary Tha Masterfader’s Disco Machine: Italo Edition is out now.

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[Audio] The Sanfernando Sound’s ‘The World Was Ours’


The Sanfernando Sound

As we mentioned yesterday, the awesome Nude Disco posse is getting ready to unleash their second label compilation; Nude Disco Selections Vol. 2, a must for fans of a modern take on classic Italo Disco. Yesterday we premièred Jules Schimmer’s contribution to the release, today we can unveil another member of electronic rumors’ extended family The Sanfernando Sound’s offering. Here is The World Was Ours.

The Sanfernando Sound makes a break from his enigmatic and edgy recent track record to serve up a shimmering slice of summery Italo gold. The World Was Ours roll along powered by a shockingly infectious bassline that underpins a plethora of lush synths and starlight melodies. Sprinkled over this delicious dancefloor cake are electro toms, a cheeky vocal sample and orchestral hits. Now, if you’re a long time reader of this webzine you will be well aware of our opinion about orchestral hits; they make everything better, the make everything perfect, so The Sanfernando Sound had is at the first hit. Funky fresh fun.

♫ The Sanfernando Sound – The World Was Ours

Nude Disco Selections Vol. 2 is released 1st June.

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[Audio] The Sanfernando Sound reMixes Foreign Boy’s ‘Dance Like A Light’



One of the surprise groovers of the summer, London’s Foreign Boy’s Dance Like A Light, is set to receive a new lease of life with a follow up reMix collection. Once again coming courtesy of Nude Disco, the Italo Disco monster gets some heavyweight working over from the likes of LosBikini, Sex On TV, SunnySunday and this juggernaut from our pal The Sanfernando Sound. Listen in.

In contrast to Foreign Boy’s decidedly British take on Italo, The Sanfernando Sound delivers an European epic, complete with thunderous EBM basslines and EuroDance leads, all wrapped up in a retro Disco package. Foreign Boy’s robo-vocals fit this soundtrack perfectly, forming a hypnotic mantra until they give way tot he soaring synth solo. The whole reMix package is currently available on Bandcamp, you should check it out.

♫ Foreign Boy – Dance Like A Light (The Sanfernando Sound reMix)

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[Download] The Sanfernando Sound reMixes Divine Knights’ ‘Hearts On Fire’


Divine Knights

Remember a couple of weeks ago when we served up the The Sanfernando Sound co-written and produced new single from Australian SynthPop duo Divine Knights; Hearts On Fire? Well here is, fro your downloading pleasure, The Sanfernando Sound own storming reMix of the track, it’s pretty huge, and as such deserves to be played loud.

The Sanfernando Sound brings his retro synths up-to-date on this powerful five minutes; slipping the kind of beats and basslines you’d find on an extended 12” mix in the 80s into a slick contemporary production. The vocals are given an extra epic twist as they echo out over some serious vintage robo funk driven by a coursing bass sound that’s not a million miles away from the legendary reverb bass from Front 242’s Headhunter. A juggernaut club version of an already majestic song.

Divine Knights – Hearts On Fire (The Sanfernando Sound reMix)

Divine Knights’ Hearts On Fire is out now.

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[Video] Divine Knights’ ‘Hearts On Fire’


Divine Knights   Hearts On Fire   YouTube

Hearts On Fire is the stomping new single from Australian SynthPoppers Divine Knights. A co-production with Manchester retro synth-head The Sanfernando Sound the track is available as a free download right now.

Directed by Ryan Peters the clip is a a celebration of equality, inclusion and looking all moody & 80s like.

Divine Knights’ Hearts On Fire is out now.

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[Video] Kid Kasio & The Sanfernando Sound’s ‘Letters Of Love’


Kid Kasio and the Sanfernando Sound   Letters of Love  Official Video    YouTube

UK RetroPop hero Kid Kasio is back in business! This time he’s brought Manchester producer The Sanfernando Sound along for the ride as the two of them deliver driving ElectroPop goodness with this new tune, Letters Of Love.

The video, directed by Ed Crofts, captures the mid-80s Top Of The Pops vibe perfectly with a degraded video recording of a classic Kid Kasio  TOTP performance.

Kid Kasio & The Sanfernando Sound’s Letters Of Love is out today.

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[Audio] The Sanfernando Sound reMixes Miss Kittin’s ‘Maneki Neko’


miss kittin

We’ve got something a little special up now in the form of Manchester’s finest SynthPop producer The Sanfernando Sound’s reMix of the forthcoming new single from Miss Kittin. The reMix of Maneki Neko is actually TSS’s entry in the currently running Maneki Neko reMix competition, but you wouldn’t think so just hearing it. Both production and arrangement are well about usual reMix competition standards as The Sanfernando Sound delivers a polished tune that could have come straight from the official release.

What we’ve got here is a contemporary take on classic SynthPop and Italo. Using vintage synth sounds and an enigmatic groove, The Sanfernando Sound builds a retro-futuristic, and quite haunting, slice of SynthPop around a modern dance music arrangement. So you’re presented with robotic beats and 80s synths, which obviously work perfectly with Miss Kittin’s vocals, fitting them selves around big breakdowns and builds. Which means this one would work on a variety of dancefloors. It’s an excellent tune, and one well worthy of your quick vote.


♫ Miss Kittin – Maneki Neko (The Sanfernando Sound reMix)

You can vote for The Sanfernando Sound’s reMix of Miss Kittin’s Maneki Neko here.

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[MP3] The Sanfernando Sound reMixes The New Division’s ‘Devotion’


The New Division

Manchester based electronic music producer, injector of Italo and SynthPop into things, and all round good egg The Sanfernando Sound has delivered his latest reMix. Taking on LA Indie-Electro outfit The New Division and their track Devotion and turning it into a post-Industrial Depeche Mode-esque masterpiece.

We’re not quite sure of the exact moment when The Sanfernando Sound crossed the line from SynthWave to Old School EBM, but let’s face it, he really had now. This reMix of Devotion is loaded with intricate Industrial percussion, enigmatic synths and pulsating basslines. All this works perfectly with The New Division’s not-quite-Goth vocals to create a kind of Construction Time Again era Depeche Mode meets Happiness era HURTS vibe, including, of course, the aforementioned Italo injection. Enjoy.

The New Division – Devotion (The Sanfernando Sound reMix)

Devotion is taken from the New Division’s album The Rookie, out now.

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[MP3] Eleven:Eleven’s ‘Escape’ (+ The Sanfernando Sound reMix)


Eleven Eleven

Austin based ElectroPop duo Eleven:Eleven are back with their first single for new label Cliché Musique. The new release, Escape, drops in advance of their new album Through The Veil (bits of which we’ve already heard) which now looks set to receive a proper release in May.

Escape is a sweeping slice of ElectroPop that falls slightly toward the Modern SynthPop end of the spectrum, but don’t let that put you off, it’s an insanely infectious with a huge chorus. A rough ‘n’ ready bassline powers the track along like a modern take on early 80s minimal Pop, creating a machine dance until the chorus sweeps in, loaded with lush synths. Sicca sounds as good as ever, delivering the enchanting icing on the cake. Unfortunately, for such a sweet song, the reMix package is a bit of a let down, mostly filled with generic, uninspired takes on the track. Standing proud amidst the mediocrity is The Sanfernando Sound, whose reMix is the packages highlight. The man understands 80s music just as well as he understands dance music, and that’s just the combination you need with a track like this. Working some seriously period percussion against a bass heavy tracks TSS captures a particularly British SynthPop feel, but without sounding dated in the slightest.

Eleven:Eleven – Escape

♫ Eleven:Eleven – Escape (The Sanfernando Sound reMix)

Eleven:Eleven’s Escape is out 26th March.

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