[Download] Teeel reMixes The New Division’s ‘Senseless’



Not for the first time New Jersey’s hardest working synth-head Teeel is taking on the challenge of reMixing LA Indie-Electro outfit New Division. These guys have swapped reMixes a couple of time and the latest of these exchanges sees Teeel working his magic on The New Divisions’ current single, Senseless, which was released earlier this month.

Teeel’s take on Senseless is a cascading synthetic affair.  Layers upon Layers of bristling arpeggios and buzzing bass wash over each other, taking time to settle in before Teeel re-introduced the original’s anthemic vocals. Stripping out the Indie side of the track, this one is pure SynthPop, a sprawling track whose expansive synths match the cavernous vocals perfectly.

The New Division – Senseless (Teeel reMix)

The New Division’s Senseless is out now.

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[MP3] The Sanfernando Sound reMixes The New Division’s ‘Devotion’


The New Division

Manchester based electronic music producer, injector of Italo and SynthPop into things, and all round good egg The Sanfernando Sound has delivered his latest reMix. Taking on LA Indie-Electro outfit The New Division and their track Devotion and turning it into a post-Industrial Depeche Mode-esque masterpiece.

We’re not quite sure of the exact moment when The Sanfernando Sound crossed the line from SynthWave to Old School EBM, but let’s face it, he really had now. This reMix of Devotion is loaded with intricate Industrial percussion, enigmatic synths and pulsating basslines. All this works perfectly with The New Division’s not-quite-Goth vocals to create a kind of Construction Time Again era Depeche Mode meets Happiness era HURTS vibe, including, of course, the aforementioned Italo injection. Enjoy.

The New Division – Devotion (The Sanfernando Sound reMix)

Devotion is taken from the New Division’s album The Rookie, out now.

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The New Division reMix Future Unlimited

Future Unlimited

Nashville Indie-Electro band Future Unlimited’s ‘Golden’ was the highlight of their recent EP, a lush sing-a-long ElectroPop epic full of rousing chords and heartfelt vocals. Well the best on the EP just got a little bit better with a reMix from southern Californian ElectroPop four piece The New Division.

the New Division bring a little more groove and a little more synth goodness to their reMix. ‘Golden’ was pretty anthemic to begin with, but The New Division take it to uplifting new places, places where it’s constantly sunrise. Giving the track a bit of a House makeover and adding some truly euphoric synths give the track some goosebump inducing moments. Dipping and rising from gritty basslines, softly sung verses to massive Poptastic choruses, this reMix has got hooks, both vocally and melodically, in all the right places.

Future Unlimited – Golden (The New Division reMix)

♫ Future Unlimited – Golden

Download Future Unlimited’s EP for free here.

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New music from The New Division


Out today is the new single from The New Division, the southern Californian four piece who we called ‘the bridge between Minimal Synth and Dreamwave’ last time we wrote about them.

Their new track, ‘Opium’ continues in that tradition. Deep and dark but with more of a LA flavoured groove than many of their contemporaries. I really wouldn’t know where to categorise The New Division, drawing on as much LA Disco in their sound as UK Post Punk and European SynthPop. And that what I love about them, ‘Opium’ even had a slightly 90’s House thing going on in there. It’s like they’ve taken Minimal Synth, got it drunk and taken it to the club and tried to explain Joy Division while dancing to Moroder. Check out ‘Opium’, it’s got a bit of everything.

♫ The New Division – Opium

The ‘Opium’ single is released today on the band’s Bandcamp, it’s taken from their album ‘Shadows’.

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The New Division

The New Division are a Southern Californian four piece who make some deep deep ElectroPop.

They released their début EP, ‘The Rookie’ earlier this year and plan to follow that with a new single ‘True Lies’ in April. With all the bright Dreamwave and cold Minimal Synth going on in California is surprising to find this band located there, they have a sound I would associate with the UK a lot more. I would say that The New Division tackle ElectroPop from a PostPunk flavoured SynthPop angle, even going so far as to say there are hints of Joy Division in there. Deep synths and reverb washed vocals characterise the band’s sound, although there is a little of that Californian warmth in the tracks. Maybe these guys are the bridge between Minimal Synth and Dreamwave?

The New Division – Devotion

The New Division’s ‘The Rookie’ EP is out now:

The New Division @ Amazon

The New Division @ Bandcamp

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