Eleven:Eleven’s ‘Eyes On Board’

eleven eleven

Amazing Austin ElectroPop outfit Eleven:Eleven have dropped their final free track before the release of their forthcoming ‘Through the Veil’ album. It’s a wonderful segueway into their eagerly awaited new record.

‘Eyes On Board’ sees Eleven:Eleven take a downtempo flavour with their track ‘Pawn’. Whereas ‘Pawn’ was a sweeping deep slice of ElectroPop, ‘Eyes On Board’ is a massive, almost Dubsteppy at times, emotional electronic powerhouse. The chainsaw synths of the chorus juxtapose brilliantly with Sicca’s sultry, yet slightly fragile, vocals. It’s a big, emotional, opus until the release of ‘Through the Veil’ next month.

Eleven-Eleven – Eyes On Board

‘Through the Veil’ is released 1st May.

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