[MP3] Eleven:Eleven’s ‘Escape’ (+ The Sanfernando Sound reMix)


Eleven Eleven

Austin based ElectroPop duo Eleven:Eleven are back with their first single for new label Cliché Musique. The new release, Escape, drops in advance of their new album Through The Veil (bits of which we’ve already heard) which now looks set to receive a proper release in May.

Escape is a sweeping slice of ElectroPop that falls slightly toward the Modern SynthPop end of the spectrum, but don’t let that put you off, it’s an insanely infectious with a huge chorus. A rough ‘n’ ready bassline powers the track along like a modern take on early 80s minimal Pop, creating a machine dance until the chorus sweeps in, loaded with lush synths. Sicca sounds as good as ever, delivering the enchanting icing on the cake. Unfortunately, for such a sweet song, the reMix package is a bit of a let down, mostly filled with generic, uninspired takes on the track. Standing proud amidst the mediocrity is The Sanfernando Sound, whose reMix is the packages highlight. The man understands 80s music just as well as he understands dance music, and that’s just the combination you need with a track like this. Working some seriously period percussion against a bass heavy tracks TSS captures a particularly British SynthPop feel, but without sounding dated in the slightest.

Eleven:Eleven – Escape

♫ Eleven:Eleven – Escape (The Sanfernando Sound reMix)

Eleven:Eleven’s Escape is out 26th March.

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Cut Copy remixed by Eleven:Eleven

Cut Copy

We thought the days of reMixes of Australian Indie-Electro masters Cut Copy’s now-classic Hearts On Fire were over. We are glad we were wrong. Austin ElectroPop outfit Eleven:Eleven have whipped up a new take on the track that brings to mind some seriously classic SynthPop.

This one’s all about the big beats and vintage Synth melodies. There’s someone of Depeche Mode’s Behind The Wheel in this mix, especially in the haunting lead line. This mixture of nostalgic refrains and big modern synth production make the track quite unique sounding. Moody, with a marching dance beat, this reMixes shines a whole new light on Cut Copy’s original. Being big fans of the tune, it;s great to hear it presented in such a new way.

Cut Copy – Hearts On Fire (Eleven:Eleven ‘The Induction’ Mix)

Hearts On Fire is taken from Cut Copy’s second album In Ghost Colours.

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Eleven:Eleven’s ‘Mesmerize’


Here’s the third track  Eleven:Eleven’s Through The Veil, their slow release album that’s trickling out one track at a time. It’s a pretty unique way to release an album, and it’s a pretty cleaver approach as it keeps the listener coming back for more. Actually, it’s a bit lit musical drug dealing, just give them a taste at a time and they’ll be coming back for more! So here’s track three. After Little White Lies and No Words comes Mesmerize.

Mesmerize has got a bit of everything going for it. A bit of an EBM bassline, that soon goes all Italo, a solid DiscoPop beat, some nice retro percussion and Sicca’s haunting vocal flowing over the track like water. That this Austin based duo have crafted a track that manages to straddle the line between dancey and ethereal is testament to their songwriting and production ability. Mesmerize is a track that worms it;s way into your brain with it’s ElectroPop charms, and once it’s in there, it’s hard to shake.

Eleven:Eleven – Mesmerize

‘Through the Veil’ is being released right now, keep an eye on Eleven:Eleven’s SoundCloud for updates and pick up the tracks from their official website.

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Eleven:Eleven’s ‘Little White Lies’

Eleven Eleven

Here’s another taste of Austin ElectroPop duo Eleven:Eleven’s début album, or series, or whatever, ‘Through The Veil’ which is trickling out beginning this week. ‘Little White Lies’ is, appropriately, track one in the collection and sets up what to expect nicely.

‘Little White Lies’ is a driving, powerful slice of ElectroPop that will make for impressive album opener. Rapid fire arpeggios create a nice mixture of classic SynthPop and Italo flavours in a hard hitting dancefloor package. Tempering that is Sicca’s impassioned vocals that weave in and out of the synth melody. As far as Modern SynthPop goes, Eleven:Eleven are proving themselves to be the cream of the crop with a contemporary production that sets them apart from the pack.

♫ Eleven:Eleven – Little White Lies

‘Through the Veil’ is released from1st May, keep an eye on Eleven:Eleven’s SoundCloud for updates and pick up the tracks from their official website.

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Eleven:Eleven’s ‘Eyes On Board’

eleven eleven

Amazing Austin ElectroPop outfit Eleven:Eleven have dropped their final free track before the release of their forthcoming ‘Through the Veil’ album. It’s a wonderful segueway into their eagerly awaited new record.

‘Eyes On Board’ sees Eleven:Eleven take a downtempo flavour with their track ‘Pawn’. Whereas ‘Pawn’ was a sweeping deep slice of ElectroPop, ‘Eyes On Board’ is a massive, almost Dubsteppy at times, emotional electronic powerhouse. The chainsaw synths of the chorus juxtapose brilliantly with Sicca’s sultry, yet slightly fragile, vocals. It’s a big, emotional, opus until the release of ‘Through the Veil’ next month.

Eleven-Eleven – Eyes On Board

‘Through the Veil’ is released 1st May.

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