Eleven:Eleven’s ‘Mesmerize’


Here’s the third track  Eleven:Eleven’s Through The Veil, their slow release album that’s trickling out one track at a time. It’s a pretty unique way to release an album, and it’s a pretty cleaver approach as it keeps the listener coming back for more. Actually, it’s a bit lit musical drug dealing, just give them a taste at a time and they’ll be coming back for more! So here’s track three. After Little White Lies and No Words comes Mesmerize.

Mesmerize has got a bit of everything going for it. A bit of an EBM bassline, that soon goes all Italo, a solid DiscoPop beat, some nice retro percussion and Sicca’s haunting vocal flowing over the track like water. That this Austin based duo have crafted a track that manages to straddle the line between dancey and ethereal is testament to their songwriting and production ability. Mesmerize is a track that worms it;s way into your brain with it’s ElectroPop charms, and once it’s in there, it’s hard to shake.

Eleven:Eleven – Mesmerize

‘Through the Veil’ is being released right now, keep an eye on Eleven:Eleven’s SoundCloud for updates and pick up the tracks from their official website.

Buy Eleven:Eleven’s music from:

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