Kid Kasio’s début album, ‘Kasiotone’

kid kasio

The end of this month sees the long awaited release of Kid Kasio’s début album, ‘Kasiotone’.

In the years before electronic rumors started, and the ElectroPop resurgence of 2007 onward, a band called The Modern (later Matineé Club) was one of the UK big hopes for rocketing intelligent SynthPop back into the spotlight. Unfortunately due to mis-management and major label problems The Modern’s fame was never realised, but ever cloud has a silver lining. Had The Modern never split up then Nathan Cooper may have never adopted his Kid Kasio alter-ego and brought to the world the most authentic ‘80’s Pop committed to recording since 1989.

Everything about the Kid Kasio experience is meticulously overseen by Nathan, from the recordings, to the artwork, to his now legendary videos, all slotting into their place in his perfect vision of the ‘80’s. ‘Kasiotone’ is the epitome of that vision. Kid Kasio isn’t influenced by the ‘80’s, he is the ‘80’s. What we mean by that is ‘Kasiotone’ doesn’t sound like an album that is a pastiche, or a parody, or a homage, or a reverence, or a bandwagon rider, this actually sounds like an album from around 1985 (albeit with modern recording techniques, like a 1985 album remastered). Sure, there is the occasional touch of modern electronic music in the production, but everything about these songs whether it’s the vintage synth and drum sounds or Nathan’s Duran Duran crossed with Nik Kershaw style of songwriting, sounds just like the real thing. That’s not to say you have to be a big fan of ‘80’s music to enjoy this album, ‘cos you don’t. Nathan is both a talented songwriter and instrumentalist. His ability to capture certain emotions in his lyrical narrative, as well as making them catchy is matched by his mastery of melodies and complex programming and results in a collection of songs that has something for everyone. From dancefloor like anthemic ElectroPop of ‘Not For Turning’ or the TOTP sing-a-long of ‘Telephone Line’ to more introspective tracks like the Pop Funk of ‘Paranoia’ or the ‘80’s album track ‘I Miss You’ there is something most people will find to love on this record. Whether you’re a fan of ‘80’s music, or just a fan of ElectroPop in all it’s forms, or just like a good song, this album is definitely worth your investigation.

♫ Kid Kasio – Over And Over

♫ Kid Kasio – The Reason

♫ Kid Kasio – Not For Turning

‘Kasiotone’ is released 30th January.

Check out more from Kid Kasio on SoundCloud.

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