[Audio] The Sanfernando Sound reMixes Miss Kittin’s ‘Maneki Neko’


miss kittin

We’ve got something a little special up now in the form of Manchester’s finest SynthPop producer The Sanfernando Sound’s reMix of the forthcoming new single from Miss Kittin. The reMix of Maneki Neko is actually TSS’s entry in the currently running Maneki Neko reMix competition, but you wouldn’t think so just hearing it. Both production and arrangement are well about usual reMix competition standards as The Sanfernando Sound delivers a polished tune that could have come straight from the official release.

What we’ve got here is a contemporary take on classic SynthPop and Italo. Using vintage synth sounds and an enigmatic groove, The Sanfernando Sound builds a retro-futuristic, and quite haunting, slice of SynthPop around a modern dance music arrangement. So you’re presented with robotic beats and 80s synths, which obviously work perfectly with Miss Kittin’s vocals, fitting them selves around big breakdowns and builds. Which means this one would work on a variety of dancefloors. It’s an excellent tune, and one well worthy of your quick vote.


♫ Miss Kittin – Maneki Neko (The Sanfernando Sound reMix)

You can vote for The Sanfernando Sound’s reMix of Miss Kittin’s Maneki Neko here.

Buy Miss Kittin’s music from:


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