[MP3] The Sanfernando Sound reMixes The New Division’s ‘Devotion’


The New Division

Manchester based electronic music producer, injector of Italo and SynthPop into things, and all round good egg The Sanfernando Sound has delivered his latest reMix. Taking on LA Indie-Electro outfit The New Division and their track Devotion and turning it into a post-Industrial Depeche Mode-esque masterpiece.

We’re not quite sure of the exact moment when The Sanfernando Sound crossed the line from SynthWave to Old School EBM, but let’s face it, he really had now. This reMix of Devotion is loaded with intricate Industrial percussion, enigmatic synths and pulsating basslines. All this works perfectly with The New Division’s not-quite-Goth vocals to create a kind of Construction Time Again era Depeche Mode meets Happiness era HURTS vibe, including, of course, the aforementioned Italo injection. Enjoy.

The New Division – Devotion (The Sanfernando Sound reMix)

Devotion is taken from the New Division’s album The Rookie, out now.

Buy The New Division’s music from:


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