The Sanfernando Sound reMixes Matthew Duffy, again

Matthew Duffy

In the second of his reMixes for New York singer Matthew Duffy, Manchester’s  The Sanfernando Sound turns his power ElectroPop production up to 11. TSS has been getting increasingly dark and abrasive in his tracks, and his reMix here may be the epitome of his direction.

I mean, this isn’t ‘a bit like an EBM’ track anymore, this is just flat out EBM, albeit with an Italo influence. The burbling arpeggios and juggernaut beats are straight from the darkest German dancefloors and work as a nice juxtaposition to Duffy’s emotive vocals. Military cyborg beats against the human fragility of the vocal. Well, that’s until the track hits 2m46s, then we are treated to a whole new beast, a ear melting, passionate, soaring solo drops, as does a new cut-up version of the chorus vocal that elevates the song high above the moody robot-factory grind.

♫ Matthew Duffy – Clever Lover (The Sanfernando Sound reMix)

‘Clever Lover ‘ is out soon.

Buy Matthew Duffy’s music from:


The Sanfernando Sound reMixes R3set


The Sanfernando Sound’s latest reMix is his entry into R3set’s ‘Runaway’ reMix competition, and it set’s the bar pretty damn high.

TSS bases his mix around an driving Italo, almost New Beat, bassline, which gives the floatier, more retro Poppy elements, room to weave in and out of each other creating textures and melodies. This reMix’s combination of ‘80’s elements gives the vocals a new, The Thompson Twins-esque, lease-of-life which makes this version of the track stand out from the others. There’s some lovely solo work in there too. It feels like we’ve been watching The Sanfernando Sound grow and mature as an artist over the past year, both in terms of production and musical ability. I’d say he was ready for his final exam.

R3set – Runaway (The Sanfernando Sound reMix)

R3set’s ‘Runaway’ EP is out now.

Buy R3set’s music from:

The Sanfernando Sound reMixes Matthew Duffy

Matthew Duffy

The man who’s fast becoming Manchester’s ElectroPop go-to guy, The Sanfernando Sound is all abut massive driving synths on his latest reMix, of New York artist Matthew Duffy’s cover of Pete Shelley’s ‘Homosapien’.

From the moment that arpeggio and growling bass kicks in the track doesn’t let up. mixing rapid fire European New Beat with a slight eastern influence, The Sanfernando Sound has created an ElectroPop monster that is both alluring and mysterious and commands you to move your feet. Oh, and you know how much we love synth tom rolls!

Matthew Duffy – Homosapien (The Sanfernando Sound reMix)

Matthew Duffy’s original ‘Homosapien’ single is available now.

Buy Matthew Duffy’s music from:

The Sanfernando Sound reMixes Kites


The Sanfernando Sound is back on the mix, this time turning his attention to London Indie band Kites.

keeping up his trend of post-EBM-ish power Electro tracks this mix keeps it momentum going with deep digital bass and ominous chords. while not strictly dark, the track is pretty upbeat, there is a moody undercurrent which, when coupled with Matthew Phillips almost Gothy vocals, makes for a sound that wouldn’t have been out of place on a late ‘80’s New Beat compilation alongside Skinny Puppy and The Neon Judgement. Wrap that up in some contemporary ElectroPop/Dreamwave style production and you have a track that easily sets itself apart from it’s peers.

♫ Kites – The Disappearance Of Becky Sharp  (The Sanfernando Sound reMix)

‘The Disappearance Of Becky Sharp’ is released 24th October.

Buy Kites’ music from:


Starlings reMixed by The Sanfernando Sound


Whoa! Manchester SynthWave producer The Sanfernando Sound  gets positively EBM on his new reMix for Indie foursome Starlings.

His reMix of their new single ‘Dark Arts’ is an electronic powerhouse of the kind normally found blowing up dark German basement clubs. Layer upon layer of minor key arpeggios instil a sense of dancefloor doom with relentless drums an bass. What elevates this over the usual post-FuturePop EBM stuff is The Sanfernando Sound’s ear for the trappings of a quality Pop song. The big electro tom rolls, the occasional drops, and the flawless integration with the original vocals, it’s this attention to detail that make TSS’s production such a success. This is a dark and dangerous dancefloor monster.

♫ Starlings – Dark Arts (The Sanfernando Sound reMix)

‘Dark Arts’ is released 10th October on Civil Music.

Buy Starlings’ music from:

The Sanfernando Sound

Jason Sieu Persad A.K.A. The Sanfernando Sound is representing for Manchester in this thing we call Electro.

You may thing already know Jason’s sound from tracks like ‘Wonky Girl’ and ‘Dominatrix’ in the last couple of years, a hard Electro-House sound with killer basslines and chainsaw leads, but, although his tunes have lost none of their balls, these days The Sanfernando Sound is an altogether smoother and groovier beast. ‘On The Catwalk’ was actually written for a fashion show and is a meeting of TSS’s funkier and harder edged sides with a strong mid-80’s Art Of Noise-esq vibe to it. ‘Disconnect U’ is a slick slick of Electro-Disco. Raw Digital funk with an 80’s Electro Soul vocal. Two tracks at the opposite ends of The Sanfernando Sound’s spectrum but proving the man is apt at both.

The Sanfernando Sound – On The Catwalk

The Sanfernando Sound – Disconnect U

Jason has devoted a lot of his time recently to pumping out some top quality reMixes. This reMix of Plastic Operator’s ‘Singing All The Time’ is apparently three years old but only recently got an official single release, it’s a bass heavy Electro track loaded with 8-bit noises. It does kinda’ sound three years old but it’s still banging. For a more recent sample of The Sanfernando Sound’s sound check his reMix of Anoraak’s ’Crazy Eyes’, an deep ElectroPop track with a rolling analog bass like tunder.

Plastic Operator – Singing All The Time (The Sanfernando Sound reMix)

Anoraak – Crazy Eyes (The Sanfernando Sound reMix)

The Sanfernando Sound has released the odd single and EP over the last couple of years, worth investigating:

The Sanfernando Sound @ Bandcamp

The Sanfernando Sound @ Beatport

The Sanfernando Sound @ Juno

The Sanfernando Sound @ 7Digital

The Sanfernando Sound @ Amazon

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The Sanfernando Sound reMixes She’s The Queen

It’s like She’s The Queen month here at electronic rumors apparently. This is our third post in three weeks! Always on a Thursday too, which is an odd coincidence. Maybe Thursday’s should be She’s The Queen day?

That’s not to say they don’t deserve it though! Today’s track comes courtesy of The Sanfernando Sound who stopped by the electronic rumors Inbox to drop off his awesome reMix of ‘Sleepwalker’s Curse’. With big nods to both late 90’s ElectroPop and 80’s SynthPop, TSS create a dancefloor killer with a Trance like rhythm section and ethereal retro synth leads, embellished with a healthy dose of Simmons tom rolls, which you can never have too many of. The reMix perfectly show’s off Emily’s voice and the ability to hold this kind of massive uplifting tune.

She’s The Queen – Sleepwalker’s Curse (The Sanfernando Sound reMix)

She’s The Queen’s ‘Waiting Game’ EP is out 12th April, keep checking their Facebook page for details:

She’s The Queen @ Facebook

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