Satin Jackets & Rocco Raimundo

Satin Jackets

German smooth Electro Boogie guru Tim Bernhardt A.K.A. Satin Jackets had teamed up with the king of late night Disco Rocco Raimundo for some funky bass heavy good times.

The result of this meeting of minds is ‘This Is The Love’, a laid back Nu-Disco jam with a relaxed piano groove and a distant Disco lick. With a great, and well used, vocal sample intertwining with some sweet talkbox vocal action the track is full, but never overbearing, keeping a chilled vibe throughout. Both these guys are at the top of their respective games so it’s no surprise that the track they produced is so slick, and so smooth.

♫ Satin Jackets & Rocco Raimundo – This Is The Love

Satin Jackets’ :kinema: featuring single ‘Kick It With You’ is out at the end of the month on Mullet Records. Rocco Raimundo’s current single ‘Between The Sheet’ is out now on Bedmo Disco.

Buy Satin Jackets’ music from:


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