[Audio] Holy Models’ ‘Swimming’


Holy Models

Eskimo Recordings have been knocking it out of the park in the last twelve months, their latest discovery hails from Adelaide in South Australia and have been making waves on the Australian scene for the last few months. They’re called Holy Models. Adam Frawley and Mitchell Van Kaathoven, and recent addition Luke McKay, and delivering some seriously breezy poolside sounds and will be showing them off on their début EP, The Pink Collection, of which Swimming is the lead track.

Swimming is a playful and carefree tune that immediately draws you in with Lo-Fi Disco beats and an infectious walking bassline. This easy groove belies something a little darker in the lyrics, but the silky delivery atop blissful reverb drenched Disco and shimmering synths makes it all OK. The track was also co-produced by Mr. James Curd!

♫ Holy Models – Swimming

Holy Models The Pink Collection EP is released 26th August.

Check out more from Holy Models on SoundCloud.

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