[MP3] Rocco Raimundo reMixes LeSale’s ‘Before The Night’



This track was actually released last December as part of Luv Shack’s Lessons In Luv EP, but Australian Disco producer extraordinaire Rocco Raimundo has decided to give his reMix of DJ LeSale’s Before The Night away for free. Very generous of him too, as the track is perfect summer evening’s fodder.

Serving up the track in the form of a smooth House jam, with a dreamtime groove. Both the vocal samples and the reverby piano hook seem to float over the track and the whole arrangement, whist tights, has a loose, chilled vibe to it. Layers of synths weave in and out of the track, sparking melodies rising and fading. This is one from relaxing with good friends and good drinks and watching the day turn in to night.

LeSale – Before The Night (Rocco Raimundo Version)

Luv Shack’s Lessons In Luv EP is out now.

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