Rocco Raimundo’s ‘Do You Wanna’?’

Rocco Raimundo

The ‘90’s House sound has now infiltrated everything, not that that’s a bad thing but four years ago we wouldn’t have expected it to be the next big thing. Now it is however the nostalgia is really fun. Which comes as no shock as House in the late ‘80’s and early ‘90’s was all about the fun. Disco dons want in on the act too, normally renowned for his late night Disco boogie Mr. Rocco Raimundo’s latest SoundCloud drop is positively ‘90’s House.

Not surprising really, as his tune, Do You Wanna’? is based around Salt ‘N’ Pepa’s Do You Really Want Me, taking it’s main loop and vocal snatches Raimundo turns a Pop Rap track into deep Chicago House and makes it look effortless.  Phasing in and out the smallest of vocal sample and letting the hook, with some added deep bass groove, do the work of pumping out a hypnotic jam. Whether Disco or House, Rocco Raimundo can work the dancefloor.

♫ Rocco Raimundo – Do You Wanna’?

Rocco Raimundo’s new single, This Is The Love, is out next month.

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