[Audio] Pat Lok’s ‘Move Slow’



Hot on the heels if his collaboration with Bear Mountain, Same Hearts, Canadian producer Pat Lok is already on to the next thing with this brand new tune. Move Slow is already getting spun by the likes of Moon Boots, Anna Lunoe, Don Rimini, The Phantom’s Revenge, Cassian and Justin Faust just to name a few. Check out why.

Featuring vocals from fellow Canadian alo, Move Slow is an ecclectic House track with a slight Disco groove to ease you into it. alo’s Jazzy vocals lend the track a raw, live feel to it, almost as if Lok was dipping in and out of the sweeping synths and percussive keys in real time. It’s a tune that really draws you in to it, it’s not really like anything else around right now, and that’s testament to Pat’s skills. Intelligent House music, a real treat.

♫ Pat Lok (Feat. alo) – Move Slow

Pay Lok’s Move Slow is out now.

Buy Pat Lok’s music from:

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