[Download] Pat Lok reMixes Way Out West’s ‘UB Devoid’


Way Out West

It’s a good day when Canadian purveyor of all things Disco and House Pat Lok finally drops his long awaited reMix of Bristol’s finest Way Out West’s UB Devoid. This dark and hypnotic tune from he Progressive House masters was a dancefloor staple around 2000 (back when Dance music’s biggest stars actually knew how to convey emotion with their music), now Lok has given it a workout and updated to for 2013. Check it out.

Lok keeps things dark and brooding, but injects the track with a ton of funk. Slowing things down a bit from the originals early 2000’s 130+ bmp, he creates a solid House track with leanings toward both a Disco groove and UB Devoid’s Progressive roots. Layering the tune with some sweet melodies, bringing a slightly Chicago feel to the tracks riffs. This track really is the best of all worlds, a little bit of everything wrapped in a dancefloor destroying package, and a nice bit of nostalgia made contemporary.

Way Out West – UB Devoid (Pat Lok 2013 reMix)

Way Out West’s UB Devoid EP is out now, and has been for a while.

Buy Way Out West’s music from:


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